Bonding Via Plants, Cars And Cement

Monday May 8th –

Mother returned from her weekend away and we caught up on the goings on over leftover shrimp pasta 😏

Her dog bitten leg had morphed into a yellow and purple, swollen lump, with teeth scrapes visibly seen across it all.
Nasty 😬😜

She had been placed in charge of bringing back plants from Dad, for my sister-in-law and I 😊

Which she advised him against, telling him flowers aren’t top on my list but this time the potted variety was perfect 😉💕👌🏻
Mike and I had been considering doing up an outside planter and decided we didn’t neeeed one… so now I get one anyways! 😋

Mike came back from work with burnt fingertips 😬
Having slipped and tried righting himself by reaching out and grabbing the wrong thing, the exhaust pipe 😖
His pain got him enough sympathy that the requested banana chocolate chip muffins he so badly wanted, were made.

Even though I’d considered and promptly decided NOT to make them earlier in the day😜

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