Be Our Guest!

Sunday Jan 22nd -       Church was a little different then usual for me since the translating wasn't available. I made do by reading a message on my phone and trying my best to focus on that and not the noise of German being spoke around me 😋 Once we were back in Velp [...]

Burger King Date Night > Salmon Fillet Supper

Wednesday Nov 23rd -   The strong smell of our citrus couch cleaner may or may not have subconsciously effected that mornings drawing 😜🍋 Could it have effected the avocado with lemon and lemon pepper I prepared too??? Just realized how easily I could be manipulated😳 Anyways, I prepared rice, cream cheese salmon and carrots [...]

‘Lazy’ Cheesecake

I thought for sure that I had shared this recipe before but I guess not and it's high time to remedy that issue! I love this cheesecake style dessert for a number of reasons, it's super simple and easy to whip up and tastes amazing as a dessert, snack or breakfast (preferably enjoyed with coffee at [...]