Let Me Espresso Myself

Thursday April 20th –

The sun was trying to shine and it was turning into what looked like a nice day.

Which was perfect for our plans of going to Rosthern, for lunch with a friend.

But that was later in the day and my morning was taken up with writing and trying out the espresso maker once again.

Mom and I got decently full, little cups, my cup being one purchased at a second hand store in Holland, just before we’d moved 😊👌🏻

The espresso turned out lovely and it will probably become more and more of a daily thing 😉
Have any of you tried espresso from Italy?
Or just in general? What did you think of it?😎
I love It 😬❤️

Mothers friend arrived and off to Rosthern we went, a little wee town with a restaurant inside of an old railway station. The Station Arts Centre.

Amidst lively conversation, soups, sandwiches and a salad were enjoyed. Continue reading “Let Me Espresso Myself”

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