Delicious Proportions And Peculiar Partings

Thursday Dec 28th -     The sister and nieces came over for the day, so that pretty much tells you the amount of stuff I got done 😏 One thing...😜 That 'thing' was one of delicious proportions though because it was making caramel popcorn. The gooey kind, not the kind that hardens and gets [...]

Selling Cookies And Living Off The Land

Monday Aug 14th - Our last morning at the cabin. We and the father were shipping out and the bro's wife and tots were taking our places. Packing up our belongings and sweeping out the little cabin were the minimal tasks we had to complete and then a few hours of the usual cabin goings [...]

South Africa Chicken and Rice Salad

During our trip in South Africa, I ate a cold, chicken and rice salad and though very different than what I was generally used to, I loved it. So naturally I tried to replicate it once I was back in Canada πŸ˜‰ Here is the recipe I came up with and I hope someone is [...]

Transplanting Our Plants… And Our Lives

Friday April 7th - (Sorry for the long post, trying to play catch up on all the days missed 😬) Mike had to go into town right away to pick up our shipment of crates and the gate (brought all the way from Malta). He had to leave for that by 9:30 am and I [...]


Tuesday Nov 29th -     How I've loved having the mini marshmallows to accompany my morning coffeeπŸ˜β˜•οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’• That mornings sketch 🌸🌿 We eventually ventured out to Doesburg to do some things, passing our afternoon by completing errands and getting groceries. We had cheese fondue for supper, enjoying the first boxed package of it that [...]