Just A Little Note To Say…

When’s the last time you wrote somebody a letter? Or a note?

Do handwritten notes make you smile? Warm your heart and find a safe place to live on as a keepsake?

Maybe you’re born to love getting handwritten notes and letters.
Maybe you can be shaped into liking them.

I think that I am both 😉


When we were little, my mom would leave us notes.
In our daily life there was the possibility of some notes placed somewhere but especially if she was going into town or work, or was away on a trip.

If she was gone on a trip, we would all get a personalized note but she would also hide notes around the house.
Leaving them in places she assumed they’d easily be found, as well as hiding some in spots where she’d instructed a task to take place, making it into a type of game 🤓
Some examples – A couple days ahead in the pages of our school books, the towel closet, the fridge… etc. etc. 😉

My dad would also leave us notes.
Little encouragements for the day ahead, simple reminders of his love for us, thank you’s for meals and desserts.

And a trip just wasn’t a trip, unless there was a note from each of them, tucked into the suitcase somewhere.

It continued as we grew, notes being a very normal and expected, part of our lives. We still write and receive little notes to this day.

Aside from notes, who doesn’t love getting mail? A letter specially packaged and holding unknown words just for you?

When I was a young adult (I still consider myself to be a ‘young adult’ but I mean when I was an even younger one 🤪) my best friend and I took to writing each other a letter, every Sunday.
We went to the same church, so we would hand off the letters to each other, before or after service and read them on our separate drives home, or save them for the afternoon once we’d gotten home, eaten lunch and had a chance to sit and enjoy them.
We did this for over a year and they are still some of my most enjoyed memories ♥️

Once I began dating my husband there were a few handwritten messages exchanged too, what with him being in Europe and me in Saskatchewan. A note snuck in a suitcase, a surprise ‘I’m thinking of you’ sent in the mail.

Now I’ll leave a note out once in awhile for my husband when I know it’ll be an exceptionally early morning for him (or write a note/joke on the banana in his lunch kit 🤪) or something along those lines.
He in turn has left me kitchen counter notes as well, which are the perfect accessory to a morning coffee ♥️

I’ve got a little stack of all those notes, in a keepsake box filled with other bits and pieces.
The ones from mom, dad and my siblings. The years worth of letter trading. The dating memento’s.
All stored up in the attic space. I also have a small collection of them in a pocket in my purse,

the junk drawer,

a few in my nightstand…

Tangible reminders of those who love me, scattered about.


I adore a good gift, don’t get me wrong 😉
But there is just SOMETHING about a good old handwritten message ☺️


Is this why I subconsciously created something that could be used as a carrier of words? A postcard to send or give to a loved one, filled with a simple ‘I love you’ or maybe a longer note? A telling of something…a somewhat meaningless thing which becomes meaningful once shared ?

Perhaps 🙂

I can’t honestly say that was my intended purpose with these postcards.
I didn’t specifically set out to create a thing to inspire those around me to write but I don’t mind thinking that maybe I did it somewhat unknowingly, subconsciously… as a special homage to a ‘little/big’ part of me ☺️

These postcards, along with a few other products designed by me, are now available for sale in Prince Albert at the YPA Makers Market! Check out the instagram page for it here

Are you a note writer? A note lover?
Or are you simply unmoved by written words and would prefer spoken words, or a present or an action?
(^ cue love languages 😉)


Wherever you fall in the categories, may I politely suggest that you go write someone a note.
You may never know how much it could brighten their day☀️🖤

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