A Home For Shakespeare And A Home For Us

Saturday April 22nd –

It had been slightly suggested/half planned but not really, that Becca, Spencer and I would go into town for some ‘fun’ shopping opposed to Beccas regular rush for groceries and high priority needs only, since she’s got a toddler and the baby to lug around.

I readied myself and was just finishing my last bite of beautifully buttery toast when they arrived to pick me up.
Mike had the day off and I listed tasks he could do if he so chose, to occupy his day.
Country life may not be his strong point 😜

Becca proclaimed that since ‘she never knew what to buy me, as she doesn’t know my taste’ that she would be a dear and purchase a pot I’d seen and liked for Shakespeare, my mint plant… He’s very dramatic… one moment strong and reaching towards the sun and the next, he’s fallen down, his leaves turned floorward within not even hours of each other πŸ˜πŸ™„

At least I know what he wants, maybe I’ll actually be able to keep this plant alive 😬

(RIP to all my Orlandos, Bernard and one other plant who’s name I forget)

A weak reason to buy me a gift indeed, but a kindly gesture πŸ˜‰

We accomplished this and that, nothing monumental but still getting the little bits done that are oft pushed to the side during a busier trip.

Mikes ‘kind of’ boss was in town and wanted to meet up for lunch.. a.k.a, my bro 😏

Once we returned home, Mike was found working on the prototype for a project I’d wanted to try but didn’t really have any idea where to start, so we shall see how that progresses πŸ˜‰πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨πŸ’‘ Continue reading “A Home For Shakespeare And A Home For Us”

An Entirely Different Morrow

Saturday Feb 11th –

Up and out of the appartement Zoe and I went by 10:15 that morning, since there was another viewing of the apartment.

Mike had left earlier in order to show the car to someone who was possibly interested in purchasing it (this being the car owned for less than two weeks) 😏

Zoe and I went to the grocery store, walking in the freshly fallen snow and feeling at home in itπŸ˜‹β„οΈ

Zoe purchased some of the necessary items to take back with her, I got groceries and then Mike met us and we got some last loempias 😁

Mike then drove us back towards the apartment, but as we approached, he spotted the realtor and the young couple with their family who had been looking at our place. So Mike drove further and parked at the next apartment building.

I then asked why he’d done that, since the people wouldn’t know we were the owners even if we did walk by them? His face lit up in realization that that was true 😜
Over to our building we drove and parked and as we gathered our groceries and walked towards the door I readied myself for him to not be able to make it by them without saying something😏 Continue reading “An Entirely Different Morrow”

Be Our Guest!

Sunday Jan 22nd –




Church was a little different then usual for me since the translating wasn’t available.
I made do by reading a message on my phone and trying my best to focus on that and not the noise of German being spoke around me πŸ˜‹

Once we were back in Velp we quickly stopped at the grocery store for a few things, since I’d kind of forgotten until late the night before, that when you have guests over you should probably also have dessert 😜

Mikes cousins were our guests for the afternoon and lunch was my typical Sunday fare if we eat at the apartment, taco salad.

I’d managed to whip up a Lazy Cheesecake for something sweet and we enjoyed that, and our company until late that afternoon.

I spent some time working on my lettering later that evening and then chatted with mother and father for a few moments before calling it a day.




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The Future Awaits/Waiting For Our Future

Monday Jan 16th –


As I sat upon the couch with my morning coffee, about to set up the laptop and work on the blog, the front door began rattling and I curiously awaited who would appear from behind it since Mike was supposed to be at work at the office, but he is also the only one with a key?

Mike came in and greeted me with a smile and I confusedly asked him why he was back, thinking there must have been heavy traffic and he just decided to work from the house, but this was not the case.

Turns out, he and his bosses had a talk and after much thought and prayer on our part, he will no longer be working with the same company he was.
It was something we were planning on, just perhaps not expecting it to all take place this soon, but we know God is in control and we are believing that this is His way of opening up some paths and helping us plan our future/job/Canada move etc. etc.

‘Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.’ Proverbs 16:3.

(But, this now means I’ll be stuck with him 24/7 until any other plans are made and for this reason I may start sounding even crazier then I usually do, just a warning 😜)

Since he was back at the house anyways, I gave him a task to complete which I knew he would be much better at then I. Continue reading “The Future Awaits/Waiting For Our Future”

Jem Moment: Sponsor Approval

This morning we got our first bit of news from the Canadian immigration centre.

After months of preparing paperwork, sending it off, waiting in vain for the track and trace on the package to work and then waiting and hoping that the website would tell us of any news, we finally got some information in the mail today.

I’ve been approved as a sponsor!

Meaning I am able to sponsor Mike to officially move, live and work in Canada and they will now begin looking at his papers.

It may be a small first step and there is still a long waiting process ahead but it’s been hard not knowing anything and not knowing when we would, so thanking the Lord for this little pick us up 😊

Have a lovely day all!

ο»Ώ15 Quirks Of Jess

15 things about me, the oh sooo interesting Jess 😏

I know my sleeping and eating patterns are growing old so I will be trying to throw in the odd ‘Jess’ facts and I don’t know what else yet but it shall come to me eventually 😁

May this be a slightly interesting refresher, enjoy *said accompanied by a flourishy hand motion* 😏

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