A Gift For The Sask. Men In Your Life – Mens Prairie Apparel

Currently unavailable for purchase    I’m excited to finally share a slice of a project with you all, which I’ve been working on for the last couple months ☺️   A Saskatchewan themed, long sleeve shirt... just in time for the season of obsessive giving and gifting might I add 😉   I’ve wracked my [...]

Nonsensicality’s And Merriment

Sunday Dec 24th -   We didn’t have eggs so Mike got out of breakfast duty and I just made us some yogurt bowls.   ‘‘Twas a fresh day indeed, -30 ish being the biting cold temperature that we faced during the four steps to the parents truck that morning 😜 I ashamedly admit to being [...]

Extremely Pleasant Bodily Discomfort

Sunday Dec 25th -     Merry Christmas 😊 We were up early to leave and make it to church in time for the 9:30 am service. Feeling tired and having a one hour drive there and back wasn't the nicest start to the day perhaps but when one stops to think of the reason [...]

Burger King Date Night > Salmon Fillet Supper

Wednesday Nov 23rd -   The strong smell of our citrus couch cleaner may or may not have subconsciously effected that mornings drawing 😜🍋 Could it have effected the avocado with lemon and lemon pepper I prepared too??? Just realized how easily I could be manipulated😳 Anyways, I prepared rice, cream cheese salmon and carrots [...]