The Arizona Apparel Line

  Currently unavailable for purchase    The Arizona line of the Jemstory’s Lifestyle collection! It may seem like a random place to create designs for but Mike and I both have family and friends from there, so it was a fun path to veer onto ☺️   Unfortunately, I don't have a physical shirt with [...]

Ladies T-Shirts, Now Available!

Currently unavailable for purchase    At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!! 😉 Well, I don’t actually know if you’ve ALL been waiting for it but I know I have been 🤪 Woman’s t-shirts are now available to order! You can have any of the designs available, printed on a variety of colors [...]

An Un-desired State Of Semi Planned Chaos

Monday March 13th - Packing. Mess. Disorder. Sorting. An un-desired state of semi planned chaos 😬 Our day was spent sorting through anything and everything. We knew we owned more stuff then we thought, but we also may not have realized we had so many clothes 🙈 By we, I mainly mean me. In my [...]

Brown Paper Packages Readied And Received

Monday Sept 19th -   Grilled sandwiches for lunch, accompanied by a fruit smoothie per Mikes request. After lunch my hubby had some sweaters to go pick up for him and his friends brand, 'We Nomads.' Check them out!➡️  We Nomads I got to be the one who helped take photos and write up info [...]