Identifying Sounds And Scents

Saturday Dec 16th -   I arose early. I don’t know if it’s our rooms window, the new house, the knowing there are kittens about or the endless amount of small things to be finished but I can’t seem to sleep in here, at all... hopefully that changes πŸ˜’     After a relaxing coffee, … Continue reading Identifying Sounds And Scents

No Easy Feat

Wednesday Nov 8th - Mike was working from home, so after a lazy morning in bed, I made us breakfast and he headed to our place to work. I stayed put to work out and then went on to spend most of my day looking through the website 😳 They have SO much... in … Continue reading No Easy Feat

An Inaccurate Portrayal

Monday Nov 6th - Monday was boring from a written down point of view 😏 Nothing out of the ordinary, the usual this and that, all very uninteresting πŸ™„ Supper was a little interesting through in the fact that Mike had bought some souvlaki pork things to tryΒ and we impatiently waited for them to grill. … Continue reading An Inaccurate Portrayal

Vehemently And Pathetically Appealing

Tuesday Oct 31st - After some morning coffee and contemplations I headed to our house so I could use the wifi and drop off some more boxes.   Day three of the '14' day fix. Still feeling hungry. Feeling very sore. Not seeing any abs.   Beginning to question this program 😏😜   Not really, … Continue reading Vehemently And Pathetically Appealing

Preparing To Give Thanks

Saturday Oct 7th -     Happy thanksgiving! Just kidding... that wasn't until Monday 😏   But our preparations for it began early, so that everything could be made and ready to go, skipping out on so much work and undue effort come the actual day of πŸ’πŸ» I admit to not doing much 😬 … Continue reading Preparing To Give Thanks