Adulting, Sensibly

Wednesday Oct 11th –


A trip was taken to the ‘big city’ and our first stop was ‘Jysk’, where I went about purchasing a couch.


Now, I know you are all thinking, ‘Hold up, she bought that red antique-ish couch I thought?!’.

She did, but in the excitement she didn’t measure it or really take into reflection that the comfort level was rather low and the cost to buy chalk paint rather high, as well as the risk levels 😬

It hurts deeply to say that no, I won’t be repainting it and yes, I’ll probably have to put it up for sale.

Being a sensible adult, isn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done πŸ’πŸ»


I love it so much and I can just picture it now, in all of its turquoise/peacock-ish blue glory… but I can’t justify the risk for the cost/comfort.

RIP to my dream of having a jaw dropping statement piece of vintage furniture.

Maybe I would have been to vain about it so that’s why it couldn’t be 😜

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Jem Moment: Pinterest Dream Becomes Reality

Michiel gave me the disheartening news that the grey couch I liked at Jysk, was no longer.
So I had glanced online to see if anyone happened to be selling anything that would work for us.

First, I spotted a ‘kidney’ couch, in good shape and for only $50, which we considered unique and well priced enough to look into the cost of re-upholstering.



$1200, plus material, was the estimate we received back and that was more than I was willing to put towards a couch that was not only used, but not my dream couch 😏

So, I kept scanning, looking at the listing for the larger city until finally deciding I might as well peak in the town 20 minutes away from us, though it usually didn’t hold as much.

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Crunch Time

Sunday Oct 16th –

The day of rest 😁β›ͺ️

We were planning on going to a church closer to Amsterdam and then go check out a couch in the area afterwords but I didn’t really love the couch and Mike wanted to sleep in soo…

Church was instead attended in Holland and on the drive there Mike got me to scroll through the second-hand couch adds.
I came across one we had seen and liked a few days earlier but the sellers had never answered our calls/texts.
Mike tried again, they answered and a meeting time was set πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We had to leave just before service ended to make it to their house in time to check it out.
They seemed, wealthy 😬
Their back yard having big, stone tiles going through the trimmed, maze like hedges, leading to their two separate seating areas amongst the garden.
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Color Picking With The Color Blind

Monday October 11th –



Unpacking, laundry and writing filled my Monday.

I don’t remember what I ate or anything in between so this will be a very short daily post😜

Lisanne and Amy were over so I sat and drew with them for a few minutes, communicating as much as fake sign language let us 😏

Supper was a classic Dutch meal (prepared by Inge) that I had yet to eat while being in Holland, ‘boerenkool met worst’.



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