Beachy Wall Decor – My Creativity During Covid


Many moons ago, I’d made this decorative wall hanging/decor for our bathroom wall, using a piece of beach wood, air plants and string.

After successfully killing all of the air plants over the span of a year or so, the wood has hung empty for much, much too long 😅

Though I loved how it looked, I wasn’t about to purchase more plants. just to kill them :p

I’d notice the empty piece of wood while in the bathroom and then just as quickly forget about it…
Finally after a little thought and inspiration blossoming after Instagram/Pinterest scrolling, an idea formed.

I bought this ‘air drying clay’ from Walmart for around $5.00 and during one Sunday morning after we’d had breakfast and were listening to some preaching online, I got Mike to accompany me in making some clay shapes to begin the project.

I laid out parchment paper to roll the clay out on and used a variety of home items to cut out my desired shapes.
A small knife, some lids from these bead containers and a sewing needle to create the holes that would be used for assembly.

The clay began to dry out fairly quickly so I wouldn’t take off more than you need at one time… just so you know if you decide to attempt anything 🤓

You can see when the created pieces are dry, as they go from a grey color to more of a white… I didn’t time it and we rolled out pieces pretty thin but I didn’t find that it took crazy long.

What DID take long was installing a loop on each one, then arranging and rearranging the shapes until I found them to be mostly visually pleasing and used jewelry chain to attach them all in the correct order.

They then sat on my coffee table, in order, for probably over a week before I got up the ambition to actually paint them and complete the project 😬🙈 I have to be in just the right mood to actually ‘paint’ anything… anyone else?

I would have left them neutral but since the wall behind the piece is white, I decided to add some color.
I painted them and then used a damp paper towel and my nail to distress them a bit which gave it more of a beach feel to me, since I wasn’t going for perfection in my paint strokes anyways 😉

I used hot glue to attach the top of the chains onto the driftwood and some ‘quake putty’ on the back of some of the pieces to gently adhere the odd one to the wall, so they would lay flat.


I don’t know that it’s my favourite creation but honestly, it’s rare that I absolutely love a thing that I come up with 🤪
So, it’s better than nothing and I can see myself turning to clay more often in the future… maybe 😉

Now, after an embarrassingly long time, the stick on the bathroom wall no longer hangs empty 🙂

A Desk Do Over

A ‘do it yourself’ that I supposedly didn’t really ‘do much to’ myself, according to Mike 🤪
But none the less, I wanted to take you through the process of my finally getting a desk for my craft room!

We found this table at the Mac house and I was immediately taken with it 😍
I love the unique legs and the fact that I can use the table as one larger square table or as two smaller ones.

I started off by sanding it down and washing them. Continue reading “A Desk Do Over”

DIY Floral Home Decor

A super simple DIY to create your own flower decor piece.

When I began making it, I thought it would grace my wall but after it was completed I ended up disliking it there and it has actually become a perfect coffee table decoration.
The low profile makes for what I consider to be a nice pop of color without being too much or blocking ones view 😉



(If my home was more tropically inclined on the outside, I’d totally use it as a door wreath at some point though 😏)



So, as for what you need:


A macramé ring or a wooden embroidery hoop, found on amazon or your local craft store.

If you’re using the wooden hoop, you can also get spray or craft paint in your preferred color.

I obviously chose gold 😜

Fake flowers… I suggest one bigger bloom with a few smaller flowers that also have ‘buds’ and one bunch of greenery.

Hot glue.



What to do:


It’s pretty straight forward and I trust any one of you’s could do this, without this instructional bit, but I’ll explain it anyways 😉

If you’re going to paint your hoop, do that now.

While it dry’s you can begin taking apart the fake flowers, removing the blooms from the stems.

Lay out your flowers to get a semi idea of how you want them applied before beginning.

Using one larger bloom as a centre and typically an odd number of smaller blooms on either side.

Attach using hot glue.




Hang, lay or display however and enjoy your handy work 😉

And tag me if you do it 😉🌺

Jem Moment: A Table For My Treasures

So, ever since I began collecting shells (which I can’t even remember when that was, because I think I always have 😜) I’ve always wondered what exactly I should do with the little, magical treasures washed in from their watery homes?!

Well, a couple of years ago Mother found a display shelf that she bought because it was full of adorable, little bottles and she’d said I could use the shelf for stuff if I wanted… but I was getting ready to move to Europe, so it was put in storage.

Many a trip and very full shell bag later, I was still wondering, what in the world do I do with these abandoned snail/sea creature homes?!

Then, during Mom’s last trip to Holland to come visit us before the move, an old letterpress drawer was found and ‘ding ding ding’!
The lightbulb was lit and I thought hey, I could make this into a coffee table/shell display!

Luckily it JUST fit into our moving crates but upon further inspection here in Canada, I decided to use Mom’s display anyways, because it had larger sections, better for displaying my treasures.

(Now I have to decide what to do with the little drawer 😉😁🤔)

So on Saturday, after a little brain storming the days before and some consultation from the Mom about what she thought the wisest plan of action would be, Michiel and I began the revamp 😁

I wanted to be a part of the building process, not just stand on the side and say what I wanted done (though on occasion yes, I do prefer that position 😋) so Mike took the time to teach me what he was doing and why and after a couple of hours, what looked like a coffee table truly appeared! Continue reading “Jem Moment: A Table For My Treasures”

DIY Polaroid Display 📷✂️💕

DIY Polaroid Display 📷✂️💕


During our stay in Canada I seen a little Polaroid display that I liked but as I said, it was little.

I wanted to be able to display more than just a couple photos  at a time, so I kept it in mind to attempt making myself, once we got back to Holland.

Mike and I picked up the supplies and then when he was away for the day, I decided it was time to recreate/slightly upgrade the design I’d seen😁



Items needed


• 9 Binder clips in preferred metal/color
• Wooden board, I used 27cm x 38cm
• Self adhesive wallpaper/Drawer Liner
• Scissors
• Strong double-sided tape
• Duck tape or masking tape

(Size and binder clip number vary depending on personal preference.)


Thanks to my good friend Mel I already had the lovely gold binder clips 😉👌🏻

I’m sure you could find them at a number of places that sell home/office goods or at a craft store.

I love marble and marble look things so that of course was the drawer liner I chose, rather than leaving it plain.

If wallpaper/liner isn’t your thing, there are many other options like staining the wood, painting it or leaving it plain etc. Continue reading “DIY Polaroid Display 📷✂️💕”

Some ‘Crafty’ Crafters

Tuesday Dec 27th –




Shainah had invited Mom and I to join her, Carmen and Mel for a little craft day so we headed there for 11:00 am.

Mike was happy to have Reidar to watch some soccer with, someone who enjoyed it and felt the same joy as he for once😜
They left to do their own thing eventually, but not before lunch was served.

A super tasty lemon, chicken soup was given to us along with a sandwich made on scrumptious, warm, homemade, cranberry and walnut bread ❤️🍵🍴



The master crafters I was with whipped up some crazy things for the amount of time we were there.


Try a toque including a pom pom, an entire apron pattern pieced together, ironed and sewn, a yarn tapestry perfected and some beautiful lettering drawn out and embellished and a teacher perfecting her upcoming lesson plans for wee brains.

I made some ‘cheater’ stitched designs, meaning I drew them and only added a thread or two for texture 😜
I plan on finding some miniature embroidery hoops to put them in eventually, so they can then be used as a necklace or pin.
So if anyone has seen mini embroidery hoops, let me know! 😬
I also attempted to make a yarn tapestry thing but I don’t know if it’s my calling 😏

We found strength to continue crafting when we were served up a lovely piece of crumb cake, drizzled (poured) with a butter sauce and coffee (or tea for those of us who lack taste buds😉)

I don’t think I’ve ever been so well nourished while crafting 😋 Continue reading “Some ‘Crafty’ Crafters”

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