Routine Returns

Monday Dec 5th –




Mike was supposed to make everyone bacon and eggs but then I slept in, Mark was happy with yogurt and granola and maybe Mike was lazy 😉

Either way it was fine and they actually left the house to go for a walk in the hills before I was really out of bed.
Mark can’t sit still any better than Mike so they don’t make for a real relaxed pair 😏

I cleaned, did laundry, drew and soaked up the silence until they returned.

I was going to make supper for them but they had eaten a late lunch and didn’t want one, so there went my good deed of the day 😜

After one last evening of visiting together it was time to drive Mark to the airport and say our farewells.
He was a nice chap and got us Starbucks and I embarrassingly went all classic white girl and had to take a (few) picture… sometimes I disgust myself 😏😬❤️

It was a fun long weekend and we ended it with schnitzels and a home reno show back at the house 🛠🍴


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