Boxed Food And Boxed Excitement

Saturday July 15th - It was a beautiful Saturday morning πŸŒ€β˜•οΈπŸ’•   And it began with coffee and stroopwafels out on the deck and then we headed over to our place in town. Mike had to sand down all the walls that had been mudded, so that another coat could be put on and I [...]

A Dinner Date And Fiji’s Fate

Thursdays Feb 23rd - A little bit of organizing was done. I guess it's in the air since that's what Mike had been doing with the grandparents too 😏 The space under the guest/nap bed was cleaned out and items went through. Turns out it was mostly suitcases under there... guess that'll be a good [...]

Burger King Date Night > Salmon Fillet Supper

Wednesday Nov 23rd -   The strong smell of our citrus couch cleaner may or may not have subconsciously effected that mornings drawing πŸ˜œπŸ‹ Could it have effected the avocado with lemon and lemon pepper I prepared too??? Just realized how easily I could be manipulated😳 Anyways, I prepared rice, cream cheese salmon and carrots [...]

You’re The Pool To My Villa

Wednesday Oct 5th -     We weren't super close to town and I also really didn't feel like getting ready to go into town again, so breakfast was a mix of granola bars and cookies bought at the grocery store the day before πŸ˜‹ Then, to the poolside 😎 Weather was awesome, pretty much [...]