Untimely Unwellness

09/25/21 Saturday morning began with a family breakfast ☺️🍞🥐🧀🥓 Afterwords, Mike went to the barber, Tim, our nephew going with for some guy time 😎 They returned with churros 🤪 During their time away, Lake was entertained by aunty and uncle, and I got to relax. Writing and being served coffee 😉 Judith and I went for a 6 km [...]

Nonsensicality’s And Merriment

Sunday Dec 24th -   We didn’t have eggs so Mike got out of breakfast duty and I just made us some yogurt bowls.   ‘‘Twas a fresh day indeed, -30 ish being the biting cold temperature that we faced during the four steps to the parents truck that morning 😜 I ashamedly admit to being [...]

Fri-Yay, We Have Winner!

Annnnd the winner is... 🥁   Juliana Amalong!! Congratulations, you're about to get some happy mail in the not too far away future 😉🛍💌💎       Thank you so much to all who participated!💕 I now realize I'm a lazy glutton, with a sarcastic side, who dislikes little people... thought-provoking really 🤔 But truly, [...]

Roll Me In Fairydust And Call Me A Unicorn… Cake

Jem Moment for having finally made a unicorn cake!   I have seen unicorn cakes all over the internet-ish places and have eyed them up with much interest and adoration (probably the same as most of you) 😍👌🏻🦄 I had no ambition to make one while living in Holland, as I only had my little [...]