Destination 3 Of 3

April 21st - Sunday morning, the one that’s always slightly hurried, filled with preparations for church and eating of breakfast before heading out the door 🙂 Mike and my attendance, added greatly to the number of Caucasians in a congregation of a few hundred people, so it was a slightly more robust song service than [...]

A Rejected Proposal, A Tolerated Existence

Friday Feb 17th - We hadn't seen Mikes friend Durk since way back at the start of our 'living in the cottage' days, so a visit was arranged and he was coming for a breakfast made by Mike that morning. I asked if I should make something and Mike answered that no, Durk had asked that Mike make [...]

Thoroughly Touristed

Thursday Feb 9th - Not much occurred in the morning hours. Come noon, some buffalo chicken style sandwiches were prepared using the leftover cheese fondue and they were pretty tasty if I do say so myself 😏👌🏻 The plan was to go back into Doesburg so Zoe could see one of the oldest restaurants in [...]

Experiencing My Previously Experienced Experiences

Wednesday Feb 1st - Doesburg day ⛪️🏘 After a quick breakfast of apples with a yogurt fruit dip ( thanks epicure - Epicure Summer Berry Dip  ) it was time for us to show Zoe the town Mike grew up in. And also to make sure loempias got tested😜 The sun was shining so it was [...]

Completing (and adding to) The List

Friday Dec 9th -   Nom, nom, nom 😁👌🏻☕️💕   We had some stuff to get done pre Canada and Friday was the day to get it done! We got ready and then went into Doesburg to get a start at it. First place we stumbled upon was a new little shop with an assortment of [...]

Title Not Forthcoming

Thursday Sept 29th - Breakfast was some warmed up to perfection, poppy seed bread ❤️ It's such a sad thing finding a food to love actually. It's something to be enjoyed and dreamt of forever after, always thought of fondly and with a watering mouth, but nothing else even slightly similar will ever be as [...]