Walking Down Memory Lane

10/01/21 A slow morning unwound itself, landing on us all enjoying a breakfast together. Later on, we all walked the almost 3 or so km. into Doesburg together, desiring to go to ‘Ferry Snacks’ once again 😉 Filling up on nasi balls and fries. And ice cream. Like, really filling up… to the point that even [...]

Dallying Through Doesburg

09/16/21 The day after he turned one, Lake truly matured in the area of sleeping. Deciding it was time to grow up, go to bed nicely, and stay that way until 9:30 for the sake of his under-rested parents 🤪👍🏻 There were no more coffee beans in the house, so that of course had to [...]

Small Town Pomp And Fuss

Saturday June 17th -       Let the festivities continue! We headed into town around 10:00 am for the day's events. First of which, were a couple of garage sales, where Mike scored some movies... for less than the asking price, of course 😉 If that's how he gets his thrills I guess 💁🏻😜 [...]