Somewhat New Beginnings

Sunday Aug 20th –


We had a companion with us on our usually, very quiet Sunday morning drive.

A sprout with a recent interest in learning to spell and that morning was no exception, though it was ‘Uncle Mikes’ language that she was wanting to write.

So our morning was filled with ‘What’s that letter again? What next? What’s that say? Is this right?’ 😜

Until we said no more spelling and the rest of the drive passed with light, background singing from said sprout 😏

Lunch was planned and prepared by the bro and after church we all gathered there to eat steak, crab, garlic toast, cucumber salad and shrimp 🍴



Before we got there for lunch though, we had to make a deal with the sprout 😎

We were only minutes away from town and she hadn’t stopped talking during the ride BACK from church, so Mike told her that if she could stay  quiet until we got to town, she would get birthday cake Timbits 😜
The rules were foggy to her for the first couple of seconds and then she grasped the notion and surprisingly enough, she didn’t utter another peep until we said she could! 😂



The hubster and bro-in-law headed over to our place after lunch to get the first coat of white paint on and then the dad left to go back to working away from home, having to bid his adieu’s to the visiting ones 😔💕


Monday Aug 21st –

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