Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s

Wednesday March 15th –

It had been a very restless night for Mike and I.
Thinking of all that needing doing and what would be happening in a matter of hours.

I got up around 6:30 am, giving up on the idea of sleep and I got myself ready so that was done with.

We had the time to take the morning slow, since the official happenings wouldn’t began until around 3:00 pm. So we slowly sipped one last morning coffee before beginning to gather the last remnants of our Holland artefacts.

Once that began the time went fairly quickly, with some confusion 😜
The whole, ‘Mom packing for Sask. us packing for the move AND South Africa annnnd having to have things set aside for the night at the hotel’ was proving to make us really use our brains about what should go where 😬

We decided to book one more suitcase for Mom to take back with her, and by doing that, almost ALL of our things will be in Canada right away.
Apposed to it taking multiple visits between there and Europe to get all of our belongings with us👌🏻

Inge brought over a pot for us to heat up some soup for lunch, since all of our dishes were packed or given away 🙈
We paused to eat and drink another coffee before helping load up Inge’s car and sending her and Mom off to do some errands of their own.
With them gone, we loaded the last bags into our car and then did the final garbage take out/floor mop and waited for the realtor and buyers to come.

3:00 pm came and with it the buyers, taking a short tour of the apartment so they could confirm it was how we’d agreed upon, hands were shaken and out we went, waving goodbye to someone else standing in ‘our’ doorway 😳 Continue reading “Fond Adieu’s And Forthcoming Hello’s”

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