Conclusion – Captivatingly Commonplace

We were ready and out the door by 8 ‘clock so we could go to what I think was literally the only open restaurant aside from the hotels.


Veroba’s Family Restaurant.


The funky breakfast mural painted outside would raise ones hopes for what the interior may look like, but inside it was your classic old style home family diner. Fine, just a bit tired feeling.
It was pretty bustling in there and we waited 40 minutes for our breakfast, Lake ever nearing his patience maximum but pulling it together once the food made its way out … already so much like his parents 🤪😉


The hash browns though greasy, were really tasty 👌🏻 Having a nice flavour, with ham & fried onions mixed throughout. The rest was pretty typical. Eggs, white toast, breakfast sausage. Do not get the coffee if you go there 🙈
Prices are reasonable for what you get, and though the atmosphere and wait weren’t the nicest, it wasn’t a bad experience either 🙂


I’ll mention it here because we’re on the subject and I missed it in the retelling of the previous day…
We ate at Evolve, though not having been starving, but needing something before dinner.
Have you heard, ‘You eat first with your eyes, then your nose and last with your mouth’ ?
I believe that is true to a large degree and in front of my eyes was served what Mike described as, ‘food I’d have just quickly tossed on a plate at home, I wouldn’t even serve it to you or a friend when it looked like this’ 🙈
Now that’s not to say it was disgusting looking or even poorly tasting, it just really lacked in presentation and honestly, that’s a part of what I’m paying for when I’m not having to eat my own food 🤪

Back to the day at hand.


(A picture WITHOUT Lake?! Imagine that😅)

We strolled the streets a little while after breakfast, talking of the game plan for the day as well as while waiting for Lake’s eyes to grow heavy.
So, by 9:45 we were all back in bed for a mid morning nap 😅🙈


We couldn’t get late check out so we thought it would be a good idea to let Lake splash around in the bathtub once more before assembling ourselves to leave.
I filled it a little, laid a towel down from some traction and set him in.
Being a jacuzzi tub, it was deep and hard to reach into, so when he decided to immediately flip over instead of stay seated, I couldn’t react quick enough to stop his mouth from making contact with a ridge in the tub 😬😫
There were many tears from Lake, many feelings of remorse from me and his first blood loss 🙈
So much for fun in the tub 🤪
Once he calmed down, Mike decided to just take him down to the pool.

I stayed room side and packed up our things.


Let us take a moment to discuss the room.
For being the renowned hotel it is and for paying the price we did (sans continental breakfast) it was a bit disappointing.

Not a single noteworthy touch aside from the bathroom tile and it honestly felt pretty dated and all together a bit rundown after the fairly impressive statement the lobby makes.


It’s nice to have the spa right there if you’re planning on making use of it and the pool is nice, baby wise even, as there’s no real ‘play’ allowed. So it isn’t a ruckus echoing space, full of splashing all while one’s trying to enjoy the water, which I find appealing.

The breakfast we ordered from the restaurant there was good and though we aren’t generally fans of continental breakfasts, after this trip with Lake I think it would be a benefit. Having one available to grab a muffin or something before simply going out for a large lunch once things were open.

All in all the boys made good use of the pool and I was able to use the spa which probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise, as I had to go late in the evening while Mike stayed with Lake in the room. Even though the room was dated, it’s not as if it was grungy. Would we stay there again? Probably not, but it wasn’t due to poor customer service or dirtiness ☺️


I had my doubts that we could make it down in one trip with all of our paraphernalia (specially with Mike not having full right wrist usage)  but we managed to somehow 🤪


I walked with Lake to Bella Chic while Mike checked out of the hotel. It was a pleasant little store with some unique jewellery and different items, did I purchase anything for myself? No. But that’s not uncommon nor a reflection of the store 😜

I did however purchase a bracelet for Mike for Father’s Day, as the one he’s worn for over a year, got cut off due to his wrist episode 🥴

At 12:50 we began our journey home. 

Mike had done a little looking before leaving the hotel as to what route to take and he decided we should stop by the Douglas Provincial Park.

It was a good decision ☺️👍🏻

A $10 admission later, we were in the park and eating ice cream in a boat… a boat on land, imbedded in the earth 🤪 


(A kind stranger walking by stopped and said she had to take out photo for us because we all looked so cute 🤪)


A sign said it was built in . . . well, I don’t remember the year, nor do I have a photo of the sign so I guess you’ll never know how old the land boat was, but safe to say it probably wasn’t super young if they had a sign on it 🤓


Ice cream eaten, we wandered down to the water.





A huge expanse of beach stretched out before us and we found ourselves wishing it wasn’t 2.5 hours away from home.



Though not having gone deeper than our ankles, we don’t know if it was weedy or not, so maybe if we pretend it was laden with slimy, algae coated seaweed, we won’t be disappointed about its distance from us? 😜

 Since little, Lake has hated changing tables/doctor weigh scales etc. so changing him in public restrooms is literally impossible singlehanded.


So with Mike as a safety guard, a tailgate diaper change and short refresh was taken care of before driving just across the highway to see about doing a ‘little’ walk to see some sand dunes.


It was +30’s out and we only had Lake’s little town stroller, but with a slather of sunscreen applied on our small persons chubby thighs and cheeks, water bottle and bag of chips tossed in the stroller, off we went to attempt a little loop.


We ditched the stroller after some time, it not having the oomph to power through what had become a pretty sandy path.
Then it was I who didn’t have the oomph 🤪


I carried Lake a ways, but as we journeyed on, we realized the landscape on the short route wasn’t going to differ much and we were not equipped or prepared to do the 6 km loop to the ACTUAL sand dunes… so we turned around 🙈


Claiming having spotted some Saskatchewan cacti as our achievement 😜👍🏻🌵

Mike searched out a restaurant not too far away and we ate what was like a chicken fried steak and a chicken burger at a very posh golf resort club, overlooking a winding inlet of water filled with sail boats of the elite 🤪


Know that feeling when you feel out of place even though you know you shouldn’t?
Well, we felt it 🙈

Behind us, in their flowing summer dresses, tan shorts and their young daughter in a ruffled denim dress, little seashell choker and sun hat a’top her curls, a family sat to eat. Telling the children not to go after the gophers as they ‘weren’t safe!’. Talking of their morning runs and the upcoming get together and who was bringing what, etc.
It doesn’t sound THAT outrageous… but you could just FEEL the implied class difference 🤪🙈


No high chair? No problem. Always has to have his feet/toes on something 🤪

The food was decently tasty though, and once we filled ourselves, we quickly left. Driving through Elbow, a tiny, somewhat drab little town aside from the massive summer homes that were built overlooking the water.

Road construction had us sitting for sometime, but from there on out, the drive home truly ensued.
Around an hour away from home is where Lake finally had enough and began to fuss and the fussing turned into tears and the tears into screams 🥴
It lasted 40 minutes in the vehicle with pretty robust unhappiness and then another 30 at home to deescalate and realize the road trip was indeed, over 😅


For how much sitting he did in the truck and stroller, I think he did good 👍🏻

So, in conclusion…

We didn’t have mouth watering food, but we didn’t have any BAD food.

We didn’t find our room invoking of design features we want to apply to our home, but it met our needs.

The views, though pretty at times certainly, didn’t strongly stand out among those which we’ve been blessed to be able to explore prior.

It wasn’t the greatest trip we’ve taken, nor would we probably do it again anytime soon.

Yet, despite all of that, it was such a pleasant getaway! ☺️😂

It may sound slightly funny, but I think with Lake having done so well, having beautiful weather and we having no little couple squabbles (the sort that can so easily occur over silly things 🙈😜) it all just combined into being a super pleasant little getaway that we really enjoyed ☺️
We didn’t have any extraordinary expectations going into it and maybe that helped too but I personally find it very hard to control my preconceived ideas so it happened by luck this time🤪


Thanks for tagging along as back seat passengers 🤓

May you also get a chance to experience such a garden variety road trip with your family and enjoy it as much as we did 😉💗

Ladies T-Shirts, Now Available!

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At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!! 😉

Well, I don’t actually know if you’ve ALL been waiting for it but I know I have been 🤪

Woman’s t-shirts are now available to order!

You can have any of the designs available, printed on a variety of colors and sizes.

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Doable And Delectable Overnight Bread

I give all the credit to my mom (Diamond and Willow) for finding and introducing this recipe to me.

Bread making doesn’t get any easier and the outcome doesn’t get much better! In my opinion 😉

It’s also super customizable… If you try it, I’d love to see or hear about it, either with a comment here or a tag on instagram @Jemstory 🙂




Ingredients :

2 cups all-purpose flour

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 tsp salt

1 tsp active dry yeast

2 1/4 cup warm water

1/3 cup sunflower seeds*

1/3 cup dried cranberries*


* The seeds and cranberries are up to you as far as personal preference goes. The original recipe calls for 1/3 cup flax seeds but I didn’t have any so I threw in the cranberries instead. You can change up the seeds and berries depending on your taste buds or pantry innards 😉


Directions :


In a large bowl (preferably with a lid), mix the flour, salt and yeast and seeds together.

Pour the warm water into the bowl and using a spatula, mix until it is all incorporated.

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a lid and let it sit on the counter overnight or for around 12 hours.

(If you use a lid, just check it after a couple of hours to make sure it didn’t pop open from the yeast expanding 😉



Pre-heat your oven to 450 f degrees.

Place your cast iron, dutch oven or clay pot and lid (I use my moms Pampered Chef Clay dish), into the oven so it heats up as well.

Once the pot has heated, remove it from the oven and take the lid off, as that is too tricky to do after this next bit 😉

Flour your work surface and hands VERY well and with said flour covered hands, gently remove the dough from the bowl onto the counter and roughly shape it into a ball.

Take the ball of dough and drop it into the pot.

Cover with the lid and place it back into the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes with the lid on, after which remove the lid and bake for another 15-20 minutes until the top is nice and golden and crusty looking.

Remove from the oven and after a few moments remove from the pot and let it cool.


That is if you can control your desire to taste test a slice with a big slab of butter 😉


The In-laws (welcome) Invasion

Michiel’s parents arrived on a Wednesday afternoon for their first visit out to see Michiel and I and explore the place their son was now calling home!

The usual post arrival home tour, gift giving and unpacking occurred and from here on, I will simply give a highlight reel of the happenings during their stay 😉

They were introduced to the game of pickle ball and it was entertaining to see the slight ‘mirror image’ mirage that was created when watching Michiel and John both play it at the same time 😜

The weather was slowly creeping towards being nice but we braved the overcast skies on Friday and went for a short hike on some trails near our house. Spotting some spring crocuses, a dead carcass, an owl and 0 bear… as is preferred 😉👌🏻


As we exited the parking lot to head back home, a small ‘to the Hollandaners’ and large ‘to the Saskatchewanian’ group of bikers rode by!


Not the usual spotting on our roads but fitting due to the present company 😜

On Saturday the weather had cleared up and it was a lovely day out.
We four, along with my mother, drove to a market that was going on near Saskatoon.
Perusing the variety of things being sold and having a snack there before heading into the city.

We taste tested our way through the farmers market, bought some mint plants, ordered a food truck sandwich, returned after finding a hair and tasting a really weird flavour… ya know, the usual Saturday events 😜



Of course they had to be shown Dutch Growers.
The only store with a windmill entrance, as well as selling Michiel’s stroopwafles 😉
John and Inge were dears and bought us strawberry plants and flowers to fill a planter on the porch ☺💕💐


Once we made it back home, Mike didn’t waste any time planting the flowers and also the trees which John and Inge had gifted us with during a different town day.


They figure the trees should be named John and Inge 😏


So if I ever say that Johns wilting and Inge grew a ton, don’t be alarmed 😜

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so I made the lazy German/Dutch baby/whatever you want to call it pancake and ordered my helper (Mike) to prepare the special strawberries 😉👌🏻🍓

After church, we met up with my parents and siblings to eat together at Asian Le.


Some of the best Chinese (Asian?😜) food I’ve ever eaten. If you live in my area and haven’t been, GO.


From there dessert was the obvious choice so we went to the ice cream stand ☺🍦☀💕


Monday was beautiful out. We’ve been getting up fairly early due to the bird song and sunlight streaming in and that morning it was a good thing.
Sitting outside without needing a sweater, drinking coffee and eating leftover pancake 👌🏻



I retreated inside to make a fresh fruit juice while Michiel worked on selling a car 😜

Both projects transpired with excellent outcomes 😎


That evening, we headed out to visit some friends who had kindly invited us out for dinner and to take John and Inge for a flight, as they own a small plane ☺

Dinner was delicious, supposedly the flight very enjoyed and then conversation filled the evening.
A wildfire was burning nearby so on the drive there, the sun shining through the smoke made for an eery scene.


Tuesday was calling for more nice weather and the in-laws wanted to see more of Waskesui so that was the day to do so.

Mom accompanied us and we did a short hike along the creek, spotting fish silhouettes in the clear water and deer walking along the bank.


We then went to the beach that we frequent a few times during the hotter summer months, so Mikes parents could put a place to the name, whenever we talk about it in the future.

Walking along the beach, enjoying the sun warmed top layer of sand before sinking a little deeper and quickly lifting our toes from the chilly grains still hiding beneath 😋


Elk Ridge was the chosen place to eat lunch at and I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed our meals 🙂


We all took turns snoozing during the drive home I’m fairly sure, though not 100% as I was one of the said snoozers 😜

Once home, I got to work preparing a gnocchi dinner, with some help from Mike and Inge 😉

Inge took over dish doing duty during their stay and wow… who knew it could be so nice not having to wash and dry all alone 😳👌🏻😜


On Wednesday, we awoke to weather very unlike the day before, having only a high of +14 or so to ‘enjoy‘.

I decided to test out an ice cream recipe I’d been wanting to make, so we could happily eat the results when sunshine returned.


A friend of Inge’s came over for a short goodbye visit and so went our afternoon.

We were invited over for dinner to our pastors house, before that evenings church service and a delicious meal was enjoyed and a dessert two years in the making, not literally 😜

Brother Paul and Sister Holly had visited us back when we lived in Europe and a discussion was had about Mikes love of creme brûlée and it ended with sister Holly saying she would make him some one time.
Neither of them had forgotten the conversation so the promise was at long last, fulfilled… and well worth the wait 😉👌🏻

Thursday morning Mike made a bacon and egg breakfast for us all, I made Italian cheese bread for lunch and the time between was spent fairly insignificantly 😜


But, come 3:30, the good things began as it was time for Inge and I to get pedicures.
Michiel’s Mother’s Day gift to her, which I happened to be able to enjoy as well 👌🏻😉

It was her first pedicure/spa experience and I am glad it happened at North Country Medi spa.
It was a super clean, simplistic but comfortable place and we really enjoyed ourselves!
Coffees in hand, pillows behind our backs and feet being pampered for 1.5 hours 🤤


Good idea Mike 🤓👌🏻

Mike and I cleaned a house together Friday morning, so that it could be done and over with faster and we could do some last things in town with John and Inge. We got Starbucks, they found a sale on Canadian shirts at Michaels 🇨🇦 I looked for cotton candy flavouring and found none, Inge found the Bulk Barn to be pretty unique. 😜

We picnicked on pizza, bread sticks and wings in our yard… the best foods and chairs to picnic with perhaps ? 😜👌🏻🍕
A frisbee that had been purchased was afternoon entertainment for the boys, rooftop landings and all😉


I made a watermelon cucumber salad to go with the supper that Mom and Dad were making for us all.
Fried fish, scalloped potato’s, seasoned avocado, tartar sauce, my salad and iced tea filled us pretty much to the max and then rhubarb cake and coffee finished us off 😏

Saturday was the last full day together and we’d pretty much visited and seen as much of Prince Albert as one can, so we went to take a look at Fort Carlton.


I’d been there when I was little for a home school tour but not since, so I didn’t recall much and the short, to the point tour was exactly the right length for an explanatory refresher 😉👌🏻


Mom and Dad also met us there and we all drove to the small town of Rosthern to eat at the Station Arts Tea House.
The men all dined on berry and cream sauce topped waffles with sides of sausage and us ladies had the tomato feta soup.

During the drive to said town, two moose were spotted! Checking off an item from the ‘to see’ list the in-laws had 😉👌🏻

A few stops around town, showing them more of what ‘small town Saskatchewan’ really means and then we went home.

Once there I cleaned out our raspberry patch, because I was wanting to get in a little more sunshine before supper prep, not really because I wanted to take care of the plants 😜

Moose burgers made by me, fries deep-fried by Mike and a salad brought by Mom made up our meal.
We dined outdoors and then my homemade ice cream was brought out.
Some preferred strawberry, some chocolate peanut butter, some didn’t care as long as it was just ice cream pretty much


Mom and Inge went for a bike ride and the rest of us (smarter people), stayed to sit and let food disgust as it should. Without movement interfering 😜

Michiel and Inge went for a light night stroll to attempt to see the northern lights but to no avail.

It would have to be an item to check off their list on the next trip, as this one came to an end the next day around noon ✈

We spent ten, busy but enjoyable days together and now they can fully visualize and understand where their boy is and the next trip either here or there, can begin being planned 😉

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