Easy Tomato Feta Eggs

I am not much of a breakfaster but I will do brunch if the urge arises 😉

I don’t enjoy morning cooking that includes too much effort or to many dishes and personally, nothing overly sweet either (usually 😜).

So, this egg breakfast that comes together quickly, easily and all in one dish, has fast became a flavour packed favourite and easy to change up to suit your own tastebuds 😄

I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve been, we have eaten it with a side of toast or some fruit!

I got the base recipe from  Innocent Delight but tweaked a few things to make it to our preferences.

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Purely For Practicalities Sake

Sunday Dec 11th –


We took ‘the day of rest’ literally 😒

Sick in bed we stayed for much of the morning and once we left the comfort of the room it was mainly a relocation to the couch 🙄

Mike went to the nearby co-op once it opened at noon and got strawberries and bananas to top the French toast casserole he’d got me to make the night before 😏

Brunch was served 🍓🍌🍞🍴

A nap was taken 😴❤️

I did complete the days verse later on in the day and was rather pleased with the results pounding head pushed aside momentarily🌵💕



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No Sun, No Rental, No Ambition

Friday Oct 7th –




The sound of rain is what we woke to, finally one day went according to the weather forecast.

The rest of our week had been forecasted as a possible rain/mid to low 20’s but up till than it had been beyond our expectations, +27 being more normal then any storm clouds 😄🌤

Breakfast was a Milka Daim and coffee in bed ☕️💕

The day was a big mix of sleep, sit, sit, sleep, pack a little…
Extremely lazy? Yes.
But we had no rental car, no ambition, rainy weather and yeah, that’s our excuse 😬
Mike would have got a taxi and done something but I didn’t see the point in paying for a short little drive that cost the same as a meal 😬
(Yes, most costs will be compared to meal prices in our relationship 😜)

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Sea’s Of Blue-Raspberry Slushy

Tuesday Oct 4th –

We said goodbye to our Villa Levante  room

and went back to the Tranakas Bakery for breakfast.

It was enjoyed once again and then we had to say goodbye to that place too.

Travel is an awesome adventure but also pretty sad when you think of all the new places and things you find to like and then just as quickly have to leave for forever probably.

But we had something else to go discover, and that was the iconic shipwreck beach!

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