A Fire Filled Evening

Friday Dec 23rd –

Well, Mike had left early that morning with Dad to hopefully get a little more excitement then he was getting at the house with Mom and I 😏

Where I was happy to be left home not only for warmths sake but because it was bread day.
And bread day, is a good day👌🏻🍞
I pretty much just watched and waited as mom created dozens of butter horns, loaves of bread and poppy seed filled rolls.

The smell being almost good enough to taste itself, how I’d missed moms bread.

Finally I felt useless after sitting and watching long enough so I went to go take care of my cats litter box issues 😜

Once I returned and washed up mom called me to the kitchen, telling me something bad had happened 😳


Two little butter horns had dropped on the floor, thus they needed someone to eat them!
Who would have to eat the possibly disease ridden morsels?
Who could get rid of them so the others wouldn’t have to suffer? Continue reading “A Fire Filled Evening”

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