Lake Life Retold

(Prepare yourself for a hefty post 😉 )




Tuesday Aug 8th –



The first day at the cabin always seems like a bit of a ‘settling into the cabin life groove’ day and not a whole lot transpires.

Coffees were drank and cookies eaten ☕️🍪
The feeling of fatness and unhealthy eating sinking in quickly 😜

I read a book and then eggs were boiled and open faced sandwiches made as a snack to tide us all over until an early supper of fish could be fried up by Dad.



Since the early supper was far away, a nap was taken to shorten the wait 😜



The guys had worked almost all day on putting up a booster to see if cell service could be received at the cabin.
It took much of their time and efforts but finally, later that evening, when all were out on the lake but me, it began working and strong service was acquired 😜

It only works when the generator is running but they want it for safety reasons and so they can easily message ones at home rather than having to boat over to the camp.
The hit and miss signal wasn’t proving impressive though.





Wednesday Aug 9th –




Dad, Mike, Pro, Bryn and I all headed out fishing late that morning.

My three day license had begun and I figured I should attempt to make use of it 😏

I didn’t, for I only caught one jack and after many slow passes over the area, eventually a total of five pickerel were caught and released but that was pretty sad compared to the previous day’s catches 🐟


(That turned out to be the one and only time I used it 😜)


In we went and a breakfast of french toast and bacon awaited us 😁

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