Tastless Thoughts And Expected Surprises

Friday Oct 13th –




I worked that morning and Mike ran errands, got a haircut etc. between the drop off and pick up of myself.

He’s been having a hard time finding a barber that will meet his European standard for mens grooming 😏😉😜


It was a fresh, -1 outside, so when he was late to pick me up, I began walking and it was brisker out than I recalled -1 feeling 😜


Lucky for me, hubster had thought to turn on my heated seat AND buy me a Starbucks, hence the late retrieval 😉

A pumpkin spice latte.

Which I do not like, not even a smidgen and we had JUST discussed that fact, days before 😏

It was the thought that counts 💕

Though thoughts do not TASTE like caffeine running through ones system 😜


After getting back home… and caffeinating, to the other home we went. Continue reading “Tastless Thoughts And Expected Surprises”

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