Jem Moment – Big Drinks, Big Island

So, as we happily sat in the cool Starbucks, sipping our free, large and extra-large drinks, the hubster looked at tickets to Hawaii.

Ya know, just the usual Starbucks goings on 💁🏻😋

If you haven’t figured it out by now, we aren’t so good at NOT traveling 😬

(I say we, but we all know I really mean Mike, not that I’m complaining 😜)

So, when the opportunity came, to go to Hawaii come November, it was pretty much a ‘yes’ and ‘decision made’ before we could even really think or talk about it 😂

Our insides knew exactly what was going to happen and that we had no will power to say no to that kind of trip, especially since I have loved Hawaii both times I’ve been previously and wanted Mike to experience something I had and he hadn’t, for once 😏

Mike got out his pros and cons about going and then told me to do my thing and say all the smart, responsible reasons I usually come up with on why we should maybe skip a trip or certain thing he wants to do but I told him my heart didn’t want to give any reasons on why we should NOT go to Hawaii.

Even though my brain was trying it’s hardest to yell out many points against such a decision ðŸ™‰ Continue reading “Jem Moment – Big Drinks, Big Island”

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