Core Values Challenged

Wednesday Dec 21st -   I mixed up some meatballs and sauce for our supper that night and then Mother retrieved me and I went to her house for the day. She had requested my help with a big house clean and in return she would help pay for my plane ticket to Winnipeg in [...]

Realizations Of Life

Thursday Sept 21st -     Get up. Drink coffee, eat a stroopwafel. Feel bad about not getting back into a healthy eating schedule... but do nothing about it. Blog. Art. Mix up some cement pieces for an order. Do things on the 'if you feel like it' list that Mom left me, with tasks [...]

Extremely Pleasant Bodily Discomfort

Sunday Dec 25th -     Merry Christmas 😊 We were up early to leave and make it to church in time for the 9:30 am service. Feeling tired and having a one hour drive there and back wasn't the nicest start to the day perhaps but when one stops to think of the reason [...]