Extremely Pleasant Bodily Discomfort

Sunday Dec 25th –


Merry Christmas 😊

We were up early to leave and make it to church in time for the 9:30 am service.

Feeling tired and having a one hour drive there and back wasn’t the nicest start to the day perhaps but when one stops to think of the reason of the season and how blessed we truly are, what’s a couple of hours?

We enjoyed the service and got in some quick hellos afterwords, before everyone parted ways for their family and food filled day.

Our day was filled with the same plans… but only after we ate lunch prepared by Dad and went for naps πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We awoke (from that awful kind of nap that leaves you more tired than when you first lay downπŸ™„) and got ready for our evening ahead.
Which was to be spent with our good friends the Johnson’s 😁

We got there and were greeted not only by friends but with smells of glorious proportions, telling tales to our noises of what we were about to enjoy ❀️🍴

Gramps and Granny joined us there and Grandma Ruth as well, meaning Tammy had spent her day preparing a scrumptious meal for 11 people.

We happily sat down to enjoy the meal and the conversation died with the clinking of forks being the only sound heard.

It was delicious and also extremely painful after it was all finished with 😬😜

Thank you Tammy for the extremely pleasant bodily discomfort πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ΄

We then relocated to various locations about the house, needing space to stretch and taking the time to actually converse with each other πŸ˜‹

The Naber clan joined in on coffee and desserts later on and it was an entertaining evening spent among friends, one that left us/me feeling happy and blessed ❀️

Hoping everyone had a blessed Christmas with friends and family, remembering times past together and making new memories, thanks to our Lord, His blessings and sending His son for us.




Happy holidays from Mike and I 😊❀️


Monday Dec 26th –


Recovery day from the rich food and late night, since we are all so old 😜

I enjoyed some of moms poppy-seed roll for breakfast πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Looks sick, tastes amazing πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

My morning was spent writing and catching up and mom was busy cleaning the house.

Mike was having a rough day, sick of being caged up with mom and I 😜
Until she made us wraps for lunch that is 😏

Mom makes the best wraps.
No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Hers are the best. I’m sorry to all you other wrap makers but it’s true😜

She puts the perfect amount of everything, nothing to thick or to thin and she puts things on them that I don’t even necessarily like but blended together with her perfect cuts, spreads and folds, they are amazing.

It’s the love she puts in them I guess… or the poison 😏😜



Ferguson, I don’t think I’ve ever introduced him to you all before, but he is a special guy in our life.

He is a our hibiscus tree 😁

We got him before Mike and I got married, thinking we would use him for a part of the wedding ceremony and then plans changed, but we still kept him.

Mom has been in charge of his survival since we left and she had done very well.
Minus the odd time she forgot him outside in the cold, the days he was forgotten and left without water etc. etc 😜

He had been doing well up until she began home renos when he was terribly neglected and forgotten in the garage, under a pile of sawdust and dirt and eventually he was used a time or two as Rolo’s litter box.

He was not doing well any longer.

He lost all his leaves and Mom gave us the sad news that Ferguson’s life was probably over.

But he turned out to be a resilient plant and just needed his mother and father around because since we’ve been here he has put out multiple blooms and flowers!

Pro did bath him once and mother gave him tender care afterwords, which was all crucial in his recovery and we thank you.

Thus, you know now the story of Ferguson the hibiscus 😏😜

Mom heated up a lasagna for supper, adding some Holland Gouda to the already deliciously cheese covered top πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

That evening she bestowed some gifts upon Mike and I ☺️🎁

(Bracelet from Zoe πŸ’•… Mikes gifts not pictured 😜)
A collection of goodies were opened and enjoyed before we sat down to watch the movie ‘Sully’.
The telling of the true life event about the pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson River.

A Fire Filled Evening

Friday Dec 23rd –

Well, Mike had left early that morning with Dad to hopefully get a little more excitement then he was getting at the house with Mom and I 😏

Where I was happy to be left home not only for warmths sake but because it was bread day.
And bread day, is a good dayπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸž
I pretty much just watched and waited as mom created dozens of butter horns, loaves of bread and poppy seed filled rolls.

The smell being almost good enough to taste itself, how I’d missed moms bread.

Finally I felt useless after sitting and watching long enough so I went to go take care of my cats litter box issues 😜

Once I returned and washed up mom called me to the kitchen, telling me something bad had happened 😳


Two little butter horns had dropped on the floor, thus they needed someone to eat them!
Who would have to eat the possibly disease ridden morsels?
Who could get rid of them so the others wouldn’t have to suffer? Continue reading “A Fire Filled Evening”

Happy Fake German Thanksgiving πŸ—πŸ½πŸž

Friday Nov 25th –

After a quick breakfast of coffee and muffins we picked up Annett from the train station nearby and then drove to Germany to check out a shopping outlet for the morning.

It was a chilly but bright day and shops were entered hopefully and left empty handedly… it was not a successful shopping day for any us, besides Mike finding one shirt.
But that’s not much after leaving an outlet full of sales 😏

We had lunch there as well, at a Chinese buffet.

Little did we know it would mean a crazy long waiting time 😳
The line was long and the people ahead of us took their sweet time, heaping their plates as high as they could while we waited our turn as patiently and hungrily as we could 😬🍴

We left the outlet and began the drive to Annett’s.
I got a nap in during the drive, due to late night dessert making πŸ˜‹ Continue reading “Happy Fake German Thanksgiving πŸ—πŸ½πŸž”

Jem Moment: Suggestions Took… And Disobeyed

At our wedding, we had guests write down something we should do for an adventure, things to add to our bucket list so to speak 😊

I found the cards while unpacking and we went through them and found the ones we’ve managed to check off so far (and a few we didn’t listen to 100% 😜) and thought I’d share 😊

Now, some of you didn’t sign your names, if you see a card that’s yours, please let us know! πŸ˜„



Starting off with this card from… oh that’s right, we don’t know who 😏
I do believe this blog counts as a journal πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»



Continue reading “Jem Moment: Suggestions Took… And Disobeyed”

Scrubbing Away Stranger

Saturday Oct 22nd –


Poffertjes, courtesy of Michiel made up our Saturday mornings fare πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Annnd then it was time for me to scrub the shower.
I had been pushing it off and pushing it off.
Other people’s fridges kinda gross me out, other people’s pet hair grosses me out, but other people’s showers ??? 😬

Mike helped me mix up a strong cleaning solution and then he went out to get a haircut while I buckled down to scrub out the bathroom.

It wasn’t that dirty but it took a long time none the less.

Mike finally returned (lighter by the amount of hair chopped off I betπŸ™„ ) and he brought back loempias for us 😊

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Officially Official

Thursday 20th –

Got a blog up quickly and then we went out in search of groceries.

Makro was once again visited (the Costco like store that we went to so we could stock our fridge, freezer and pantry at the start of our marriage).
This time we went for only a few larger items and lunch, though lunch wasn’t that great of a meal 😬

We had multiple others stops and by the time we got to the apartment the trolley was needed to easily haul up our new supply of goodsπŸ˜‹

Mike began work in the guest room.
The bed currently sat at a height that was covering up most of the window so I wanted the bed to be lowered to just below the window, allowing more light, a cozier space with a ledge and still space underneath the bed for some storage 😊


Continue reading “Officially Official”

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