Doei, Dag And Tot Ziens!

May 7th –

After breakfast, we packed up and checked out of the ‘hotel’.

We went to a farm/cheese factory to see if they had any smoked cheese to take back for my brother but to no avail. After being in there and experiencing the smell of farm animals and cheese making mixed together, I’m amazed I can still desire to eat any cheese 🤪


Pistachio ice cream was purchased at the cafe there though, being locally made and supplied from another place on the island.
It was very tasty 👌🏻
I’m not sure if I’ve began to enjoy the pistachio flavour more as I’ve aged or if it’s only lately become more popular, either way I’m happy about it 🤓

The family was going to go on an 25 or so kilometer bike to a lighthouse (and back).
The fact that I strongly dislike, and also am not very proficient at biking, made that idea a bit unappealing and the fact that it was cloudy and cold didn’t help Mikes desire to bike either, so we opted for taking the father-in-laws BMW 🤪👍🏻

We did consider renting a tandem bike, so I wouldn’t be in control of my own life 😜 but as we did, it began to rain and any thought of biking kind of dissipated 🙈

So we sat in the car with heated seats on for a little while before walking down some shopping streets, looking for a sweater for me and not finding one, so instead we bought food 🤪

One last Kapsalon to warm us from the streets dampness and then we drove to the lighthouse where we were to meet up with the rest of the fam.

We climbed up to see the view and walk through the small passage that actually went between the old lighthouse wall and the new one they built around it after the war. They had spotlights shining where bullet holes could still be seen in the stone of the old wall… I didn’t stay long enough to take a good picture as having close walls on each side and no opening in front of me isn’t my kind of ‘hang out’ spot.

The beach was then walked along, circling back to where the modes of transportation were, so we could go over to the Nord Cape restaurant.

A hot chocolate, fizzy nestle ice tea with lemon, loempias and a burger were ordered.

The need to pay more for a small glass of still water than for a pop, grew tiresome.
I rarely ever order a drink besides water when at home but when it costs more than a flavoured drink, the flavoured drink is what you end up going for 😬

A display in the restaurant caught my eye.

On it hung handcrafted necklaces made with driftwood and something else I couldn’t figure out.
Upon taking a closer look and Mich asking a staff member, it was found out that the colour dipped ends were made using melted down sea glass from the nearby beach, which actually glows in the dark! It’s a bit hard to explain and even harder to search due to most of the results being in Dutch but click this link to see a visual explanation of the natural ‘sea sparkle’, Zeevonk – Sea Sparkle.

Inge bought me a necklace as an early birthday gift 😉

We were told to check out the post situated outside of the restaurant, made using the same technique.

Once everyone was done biking, it was time to head back to the ferry and begin the trip back to the house.
We arrived there early, so ice cream was enjoyed to pass the time 😉

After the semi lengthy drive back and goodbyes to siblings, the packing began.
An extra bag was required and luckily we were allowed it so it didn’t cost us any extra and there was even an old bag of Mikes to use 🤪👍🏻

I think we got to bed around 1:00, having odds and ends to finish up come morning, before beginning the journey back to our home.

May 8th –

Breakfast awaited us and goodie bags for the upcoming travel too 😉👌🏻

We were driven to the train station and thus said our goodbyes to the parents… having had an enjoyable 2 weeks and 1 day with them ♥️

After the 1 hour ish train ride got us to Schiphol Airport, we stopped at the in airport grocery store for some last necessities.
Our classic travel snack of chicken sushi and one last ‘most delicious grape juice you’ll ever drink’.

Mike also got himself one last frikandel 🤪😷

The clocks in the airport are very entertaining… making it look as though there’s a man inside who cleans the glass and moves the clock hands 🤓

Our first flight was 8.5 hours… we dozed off and on but not a whole lot, as it was during our daytime hours.

Due to time change, we landed in Calgary approximately ‘one hour later’ 🤪 Four hours later we boarded for Saskatoon, getting picked up by my parents around 7:00 pm.

They had kindly gotten us some groceries so that we weren’t at home without cream for coffee etc. and then we went to re-meet the kittens and pet Atlas as much as possible before going to bed 😴💕👍🏻

May 9th –

Jet lag had us up by 4:30 am and so odds and ends were unpacked, though not seriously… just enough to get all the food goods out 🤪

Then a nearby garage sale was went to at 9:00, with the mom and sisters.

We ended up going along to town, to join them for plant shopping, not taking much of a slow’ post travel morning’ but having the ‘spring’ urge within 🤪

We also had much hunger within and wolfed down two double cheeseburgers that Canadian Tire was selling as our first meal back 😂👍🏻


Here ends the tale of our 4 week long trip.
I enjoyed getting to flex the writing muscle again and hope you all enjoyed a thing or two of it as well 😉

I feel like I’m brimming with inspiration from the trip and all the time I had to think…or maybe it’s just a list of stuff that now needs to get done around the house 🤪
If it’s the former, I hope to keep up the occasional appearance on here and tell you all about whatever semi interesting happenings come from that 😉

But who knows, I can be pretty persuasive about talking myself out of doing things, so maybe this is truly, ‘farewell’… or I can do as the Dutch and say a minimum of at least two terms of goodbye, ‘Doei! Dag! Tot ziens!’🤪

Oceanic Observing’s

April 17th –


We awoke with no real plans for the day… the gusting winds had woke us a couple of times during the night and they had carried on into the morning/day as well.

We decided to go check out the penguins at Boulders Beach, as it wasn’t long after they open and we figured it would be less busy.
Our assumption was correct thankfully and we paid to go see the penguins. Paying around $15 per person, since we weren’t local… the locals pay only $3 😏

Walking down the path to the beach with large towering rocks, which were creating a sheltered, cove like area, we spotted our first few penguins 😏👍🏻
Unfortunately for me we had to crawl through a mini tunnel created by two boulders, to get to the good spot.
Though it was really rather wide and fairly short in length, it was enough to cause shortness of breath, as I hate enclosed spaces 😬

Which is so dumb… it would make more sense if Mich, the larger of us 🤪 wasn’t a fan of tight spots but no, it’s me 🙈


We hung out with the penguins awhile, laughing at their comical shuffle/sway of a walk and then we walked a higher boardwalk path, to view them at the other part of the beach. Continue reading “Oceanic Observing’s”

Easy Tomato Feta Eggs

I am not much of a breakfaster but I will do brunch if the urge arises 😉

I don’t enjoy morning cooking that includes too much effort or to many dishes and personally, nothing overly sweet either (usually 😜).

So, this egg breakfast that comes together quickly, easily and all in one dish, has fast became a flavour packed favourite and easy to change up to suit your own tastebuds 😄

I hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve been, we have eaten it with a side of toast or some fruit!

I got the base recipe from  Innocent Delight but tweaked a few things to make it to our preferences.

Ingredients: Continue reading “Easy Tomato Feta Eggs”

Piqued Interests And Peaked People

Sunday, Jan 15th

(Winnipeg day #5 recap)

Breakfast was once again a macaroon and coffee.
A fare I could easily adjust to, daily 💁🏻‍♀️

We parted ways with two of the aunts that morning and our other aunt toured us around until we had to be at the airport later that afternoon.

We went to The Forks and sat down for lunch, beginning with some truffle oil and parmesan fries that came with a basil dip and a garlic aioli dip.

I’d had similar dish while in South Africa and this was the first time I’d seen it listed on a menu anywhere else ☺️

Mom and I shared a peach, orange and chicken stir fry dish and it was alright but we’d had much better throughout the trip 😉👌🏻

We wandered around the stores, and walked over to another building to do the same there.
Tired of shopping but also having too much time to just spend at the airport. Continue reading “Piqued Interests And Peaked People”

Meandering Our Way Through Manitoba


Friday, Jan. 12th

(Winnipeg day #3 recap)

My breakfast? A birthday cake flavoured macaroon of course 💁🏻‍♀️💕🎂


We’d left our place and drove towards Steinbach for a few, further out stops on the ‘to do’ lists of my one aunt.
We had four days and five people’s wishes to fit in, so we tried our best to accommodate 😜😬

Firstly we stopped at Bothwell Cheese to see what sorts of delicious cow by products they’d churned up.
I got a peach flavoured sparkling water (a non cow product, obviously) for the road and a chilli pepper cheese for at home 🙂

Prairie Pickers Cafe was next on the map and we enjoyed looking around at the assortment of antique and second hand trinkets and goodies ☺️ Continue reading “Meandering Our Way Through Manitoba”

Tumultuous Times, Oblivious Observers

Monday Nov 20th –

It was departure day for the parents and relocation day for the rest of us.

So we packed up and shipped out that morning, taking time to stop at a few places along the drive to Kona side.

Coconut Island was walked to, pretty much just to say that we had been to someplace called ‘Coconut Island’ :p

It’s a very small little outcropping of land that people mainly go to for relaxation I think.

We drove on, stopping to take a little-big walk, that lead to the Akaka waterfall.
Little because it wasn’t far distance wise but big as in it had many stairs and we took the harder way up, accidentally 😜

We glanced through a neat little place called ‘glass from the past’. Continue reading “Tumultuous Times, Oblivious Observers”

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