A Rejected Proposal, A Tolerated Existence

Friday Feb 17th –

We hadn’t seen Mikes friend Durk since way back at the start of our ‘living in the cottage’ days, so a visit was arranged and he was coming for a breakfast made by Mike that morning.

I asked if I should make something and Mike answered that no, Durk had asked that Mike make the same breakfast he had the last time we hung out 😏
Guess my services are no longer required 😏

Sugar bread French toast was fried up, banana sliced, whipped cream, brown sugar and butter put out and plates happily filled once Durk arrived.

He stayed and visited for a while before continuing on his way and though the visit was short, he and Mike managed to get a lot out 😜

I’d had a bad sleep, so after some writing I went to lay down and the lay down turned into only waking up at 4:30 😋

Mike had some things to check out for the grandparents, so he’d went out to do that and was gone when I awoke.
Which wasn’t a bad thing… every couple needs a little space when the husband is high energy and not currently working 😏😜

Mike made us some salami toasts for supper and then proceeded to beg me to go for a walk.
In the dark.
For no reason 🙄 Continue reading “A Rejected Proposal, A Tolerated Existence”

Exceedingly Excited

Saturday Dec 31st –




Not much was done of interest until around noon, when Mom made everyone wraps and Nathin and Becca returned from their weekend away and retrieved their son.
As well as bestowed gifts on us all 😁

Spencer’s time at Grams ended and though he was a good little guy while there, dancing to entertain us and snuggling more than the other two,  him being gone meant the kid volume level decreased slightly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have them here then have silence, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have to take some extended trips to the basement for some ear rest 😋💕

I’m not child trained 😜

Some excitement of the sad ish sort occurred when a little chickadee hit the window and I was the one who had to do bird check and see his little feathery body laying there. Continue reading “Exceedingly Excited”

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