~ 07. 20. 14 ~


(Prepare yourself for a wordy post about grief and many quotes I personally find fitting.)


It is the 3 year anniversary of the flying accident that took the lives of four young adults.

All of whom I knew.

One of whom was my best friend.

I remember knowing what the phone call around midnight would tell me, without having any way of knowing.

But I can’t remember our last day together, it’s a blur and a few, filled with half guessed facts.

This is a partial list of what I wrote while I was flying to the States to attend the funeral for one of the four.



‘Live for the legacy you want to leave behind.

We are only given battles we are strong enough to get through.

You can become stronger and better by the testimonies they left behind.

Life will never be the same, accept that and become the best you can, you have a chance.

Everyone deals differently, have compassion.

Gods hand is on all of it.

Little things aren’t worth getting mad about. Life happens, it is unavoidable, let it go.

Do your best, no one can ask for more.

Cry or don’t. It doesn’t mean you are weak, it doesn’t mean you don’t care.

It’s okay to want her back, try to remember that she wouldn’t want to come back if she could though.

Time, a precious gift, use it wisely.’



I still agree with what I wrote, but I hate how time, has taken the urgency away. Continue reading “~ 07. 20. 14 ~”

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