Family And Faux

Friday Sept 1st –



Due to happening of the previous night, which may or may not have included running a red light, getting the flash of the camera and knowing a large fine would be arriving in the mail, I wanted to earn some money 🙄😏

The task assigned to me?
Gardening… 😬

3.5 hours of that later and it was as done as it can be for it only being the beginning of fall but it was more than enough for one morning 😉

Shakespeare (my mint) couldn’t handle summers end and came to his demise… he was a good mint, sometimes 😔



Anyone know how to grow basil and mint, all winter long??! 🤔

It was actually ridiculously hot out considering falls deceptive look of it being a chilly day

My recovery snack post gardening… another super delicious bran muffin with cheese 😜👌🏻


I truly do like bran muffins, with cheese, so it was a good thing 😉

The father returned home for a visit! Continue reading “Family And Faux”

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