Routine Returns

Monday Dec 5th –




Mike was supposed to make everyone bacon and eggs but then I slept in, Mark was happy with yogurt and granola and maybe Mike was lazy πŸ˜‰

Either way it was fine and they actually left the house to go for a walk in the hills before I was really out of bed.
Mark can’t sit still any better than Mike so they don’t make for a real relaxed pair 😏

I cleaned, did laundry, drew and soaked up the silence until they returned.

I was going to make supper for them but they had eaten a late lunch and didn’t want one, so there went my good deed of the day 😜

After one last evening of visiting together it was time to drive Mark to the airport and say our farewells.
He was a nice chap and got us Starbucks and I embarrassingly went all classic white girl and had to take a (few) picture… sometimes I disgust myself 😏😬❀️

It was a fun long weekend and we ended it with schnitzels and a home reno show back at the house πŸ› πŸ΄


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Frozen Waffles And Fall Fare

Sunday Sept 25th –



Breakfast was cheap, frozen waffles Mike had wanted to get from IKEA the night before.
They may be sad and pathetic, but we both can’t actually say that we dislike them πŸ™ˆ

We went to church with John and Inge, Mike getting a break from driving, but not a break from translating.
I wasn’t the only person in church who needed an English translation for once so it was a big day for Mike πŸ˜‰

After church we were starving, (as usual) so a quick walk to the snack bar was taken with others who were equally in need of food and once there, fries and other snacks were quickly eaten before John and Inge picked us up.

A nap was happily taken once we got back to the house 😴

Inge made us all supper and later on Mike made himself more chocolate pretzels, I made myself popcorn and we watched a Grandchester together before calling it a night πŸ«πŸΏπŸ’‘



Monday Sept 26th –


As I was still getting the odd headache from the car incident, I made some coffee to help battle the pain πŸ˜‹β˜•οΈ

I then settled in to work on the blog.
A title was proving stupidly hard, as is more often the story then not πŸ™„
And I can’t usually think of a title unless I’m glancing over the post reading what it’s about or looking for a key word I could utilize, so it’s a time consuming thing πŸ˜

I did actually convince myself to do something of physical value afterwords.
Exercise πŸ˜‘

Once that calamity was finished up with, I wanted to start making the soup that was intended to be supper.
I’d seen a new recipe on Pinterest for a ‘roasted, sweet potato soup’, perfect for fall 😏

It was a bit more time consuming then I like for making soup, as the veggies needed peeling, chopping, roasting and then blending.
All in all, it was fine but I won’t be making it often.

Thankfully John and Inge liked it, or they were just being politeπŸ˜‰
But Mike and I prefer a bit more meat and our favourite part was easily the cheesy garlic bread😏

I think it would be tastiest as an appetizer where it can be eaten in a small portion with lots of the (called for) sour cream and bacon bits (which I added to the recipe).
~ Roasted Sweet Potato And Carrot Soup ~

(Add bacon ^ πŸ˜‰)

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