Beginning Afresh, For The Fourth Time

Sunday Dec 10th - First Sunday preparations from in our own home and Iā€™m pleased to say a little talk at the parents the night before, inspired Mike to re-step up to the plate of Sunday morning breakfast making šŸ˜‰šŸ‘ŒšŸ»šŸ³   Something he had done for a month or two at the beginning of our [...]

Perpetually Needing Naps

Tuesday Feb 7th - We had gotten flowers the evening before at the grocery store and Zoe had arranged them for me. They were my mornings view whilst sipping my 'alone time' coffee. Once we were all up, the house got a little tidying and then a snack was made. A cheesecake was prepared, dishes done [...]

Back To Real Life… Disco Dipped Style

Tuesday Sept 13th - No rushed morning of getting ready, packing up and signing out of a hotel, it was a grand trip but it's also much nicer to enjoy a morning in 'kind of' your own room. Mike had work and unloading the car duty, I had Jemstory to start catching up on as [...]