Cleaning Up Our Image

Friday Jan 20th –




We had an appointment at the gym close to our place that morning 😏
It was nearer then we thought even, and if we do end up attending it, we should technically walk there as our ‘warm up’Β rather than take the car the half-minute drive away 😜

We went and talked with one of the gym employees, filled out a form about our activities or lack there of, our goals and expectations etc. etc. and booked an official first try out for February 😜
Far away I know, but my friend would be coming soon, leaving no time for the beginning of our healthy lifestyle 😏

Afterwords we quickly drove to a hardware store to look for some new reed-ish fencing to recover our balcony with.
A photographer would be coming on Wednesday to take pictures of the apartment so we wanted to clean up the image πŸ˜‹

I was dropped off at the apartment so I could have some alone time, (something that has been scarce with Mike not working 😜) blog and begin making muffins while Mike went out to get a few things.

Blueberry muffins were made using wild blueberries brought back with us from Sask πŸ’™ Continue reading “Cleaning Up Our Image”

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