A Refreshed, Rental Investment

So we bought a second, or I guess I should I say, third house, a couple months back 💁🏻‍♀️

Hubster found a bank repo for sale in a town 15 or so minutes away from us, so we went and were the first people to take a look.
The rest is history 🤪

This one was purchased with pretty much only the intent to clean it up, fix a few things and then rent it out.
I wouldn’t have minded cleaning it up, making it look a bit better and trying to sell it again right away buuuuut Hubster wanted to get his fingers in the rental market, so that’s what we did 🤪



What’s really unfortunate about it all, is that we (the sister and I) cleaned for about 8-10 hours, I cleaned for a few hours alone before that and Mike repainted all the walls, took out trash annnd you can’t really see ‘missing dirt’ in ‘after’ photos 😬


So the look isn’t much different from photo to photo, but imagine if you will, how gross it was if it took two steady cleaners, 8 or so hours to scrape off unknown substances from the walls, baseboards, kitchen cupboards and then vacuuming, mopping and carpet cleaning and then a few hours of bathroom scrubbing.

And, that isn’t touching the state of the basement, aside from what Mike and a friend did, removing a bunch of the old owners items.

We now have a renter in it and are just trusting all goes well in this new venture* 🤓
Fingers crossed we don’t find too many terrible ‘surprises’ in the yard once the snow melts 🤪
By surprise, I mostly mean dog poo, as that was found multiple different places, IN the house 😬

*Since I wrote on here last, Michiel began his own construction and renovation business! The name is ‘Hagenouw Ventures’ and so far, he’s been kept pretty busy and is still enjoying being able to use his hands and set his own hours 😉


Home Renovation Update

Home renovation update!


So, it’s hard to keep track of the progress in the house area when so much is ripped up, put back, more ripped out and more put back and so on and so forth 😜


I just took a glance at my last home reno update and realized I pretty much only said Mike was levelling out the floors 😬😳

Well… ladies and gentlemen, the floors have been levelled! 😜

The kitchen, living room, bathroom and upstairs bedrooms have been levelled out and plywood sub floor put down, helping make everything more sturdy and in the process, tighten up some of the old boards which erased much of the squeaks and creaks! 😁

The bathroom is the most changed/closest to completion at this point.

It shrunk by a few feet and is STILL a decent sized commode 😜

The shower and toilet were moved and installed and Mike built a built in shelf beside the shower.


The second hand vanity we bought, has been repainted after a light sanding and primer and the vanity top was recovered with self levelling cement mix, for a faux stone look, that hurt the wallet waaaaay less than a custom 60′ inch countertop we could have found anywhere else 😉 Continue reading “Home Renovation Update”

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