Tea’s Sidekick And Potato Magic

Saturday Sept 23rd -     It was time to take action. A slight craving for blueberry scones had been present ever since eating one at the cafe in Arizona, so using a recipe the sister had tried out too, scones were made.     And tested 😁   Among other pointless things you won't [...]

A Cell For Insubordination

Saturday Aug 26th - After arising and sipping my coffee with cream and sugar, two things I decided I had to continue to allow myself during this two-week eating plan or I would whither away 😜, I did my morning tasks, whatever they were, before heading over to the house to start working on kitchen [...]

Farewells, Greetings And Growling Stomachs

Tuesday Aug 22nd -   The last morning with the sister and her fam.😭 And a sad breakfast of a boiled egg and some blueberries on top of that 😜 A small whirl of packing, toy sorting, item relocating, preparing etc. took up most of their remaining time and then the terrible goodbyes had to [...]

Somewhat New Beginnings

Sunday Aug 20th -   We had a companion with us on our usually, very quiet Sunday morning drive. A sprout with a recent interest in learning to spell and that morning was no exception, though it was 'Uncle Mikes' language that she was wanting to write. So our morning was filled with 'What's that [...]