Meandering Through My Week

(Meander; To wander aimlessly) 😜 Sunday May 14th - It was a damp, dark day and the long dresses Mom and I chose to wear, may not have been the best Sunday attire if we wanted easy exits out of the mud ridden vehicles 😏 After attending that mornings church service, Mike sold our Mazda [...]

Lifting The Foggy Curtains From My Brain

Wednesday April 5th - The start, of the last bit of packing. I woke with a pounding head and so did Mike. I don't know if our heads were anticipating the task ahead or what... but the coffee Inge bought specially for us, helped immensely, if only momentarily 😉👌🏻 And so began the clothes folding [...]

Jem Moment: Hours 💕🕰

Sitting in the airport eating a chicken burger with spicy cheese sauce at 10:00 am... just what everyone considers spectacular right? 😜 But no, though the chicken was good that is not the reason for this Jem moment, but the reason behind why we are eating it... which is that we are finally Canada bound! [...]

Jem Moment: Home Tour 💕🏢📽

Though we still have the odd photo to hang/item to find a home, the renovations are pretty much completely finished and I (we) figured it was time to show you the whole place all neat and tidy like 😉 But first, the before pictures, of course 💁🏻 Annnnnd, *drumroll* 'Mike and Jess's first home, a [...]