Furnishings And Flavoured Lessons

Friday Dec 8th –

After a restless first night at our place, which isn’t a rare form of sleep for me, anywhere, I got up to release the kittens from the pantry, because that’s where kittens are to be kept don’t you know? 😜

How I love the energetic tumbling and purring that come from them after not seeing you for a while 😍👌🏻

They made my morning blogging start slowly, proving to be pretty entertaining distractions😏

Mike did some work and I tried to tidy a few things before we headed over to moms.
We needed food and showers as those were items still currently unavailable at our own place 😜

I quickly made a coconut pie while there.
Needing to get the pie testing finished and photographed so I could make the poster to go up in town, if I still wanted to try selling any before Christmas.

We ate brunch made by Mom and then the three of us went to Saskatoon.
Mike had to do stuff with the work vehicle and Costco and Homesense needed looking through 😏

I say looking but I mean touching and purchasing 😜 Continue reading “Furnishings And Flavoured Lessons”

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