Realizations Of Life

Thursday Sept 21st –



Get up.

Drink coffee, eat a stroopwafel.

Feel bad about not getting back into a healthy eating schedule… but do nothing about it.



Mix up some cement pieces for an order.

Do things on the ‘if you feel like it’ list that Mom left me, with tasks such as ‘clean out the fridges freezer’.

While cleaning out the freezer, I came across some blueberry perogies that looked like they should be eaten.




Then found out they were actually raspberry perogies but that was okay too 😉😋

Other list items included ‘pick the ripe tomatoes and transplant plants’.

Afterwords, I convinced myself that since I was slightly a mess from completing the garden stuff, I should work out and make the upcoming shower truly a NEED, not just a ‘probably should’ 😜 Continue reading “Realizations Of Life”

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