An Aged Elephant And Master Of The Grill

Tuesday July 25th –



I had been hired to make a unicorn cake for a birthday and that morning was my time to finish creating it, as I had the cake and icing all ready.

Things started going from sort of bad, to worse and then just plain awful real quick 😜

The cakes sides had crumbled a little more than I’d hoped for an easy icing process and the no name brand of icing, though it tasted fine, went on fairly sticky and began dripping off the sides.

I figured the fondant would fix that issue and then it would continue on simply from that point… but no.

The fondant was a different brand from last time too and though it rolled out decently, as soon as it hit the icing, the two immediately bonded in a gooey, sticky mess.

Creating awful folds and wrinkles, unable to be moved or flattened in any way and the animal cake it would have created would have been more likened to an aged elephant than a majestic unicorn ðŸ˜¬ðŸ˜ Continue reading “An Aged Elephant And Master Of The Grill”

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