An Un-decreased Desire

Monday Aug 28th -     So, this will bore those of you who could care less about what I eat/do with my time. If you do dislike those things though, I don't know why you would be here to begin with since that's pretty much the only two things I write about?😜 Anyways, Monday [...]

‘Bearly’ There Plans

Tuesday May 30th - The beginning of a hot streak was about to... begin 😜 So we happily prepared ourselves, went to town for some errands (getting paint for my redone vanity project/plants for my concrete creations) and than drove out to a friends house for the day. We arrived in time for a delicious [...]

An Overabundance Of Little People

Sunday May 27th - Since there is an over abundance of children around here, Mike and I took our own vehicle to church that Sunday morning. Our oldest niece here got to sit with us during service and it's a good thing Uncle Mike was there because he made a rather comfy perch for her [...]