We Write To Taste Life Twice

Saturday March 25th –

Almost the worst I’d felt yet πŸ™„
Waking with a pounding head, aching body and runny nose.

The plan was to get breakfast and then medication.
We made it into ‘Ile de Pain’, the breakfast place Mike had been wanting to go to and
a coco nutty smoothie was ordered to share and I couldn’t taste any of it 😏
Same goes for the scrambled eggs with parmesan and pesto.

Which sounded good, but I unfortunately can’t tell you how it was 😬

Mike had found a farmers market of sorts to check out so we drove there and wandered through it for a few minutes.

It was more of a food market than crafts and since we’d just eaten breakfast it wasn’t the best time to go.
That, mixed with my shivering, loss of taste and smell made it a little unappealing to me but if I’d went in good health I can imagine we would have lingered longer and left fuller πŸ˜‰
Mike did buy raspberries, strawberries and ready to eat pomegranate though.

The sunshine was what felt best to me, so we headed to a beach but the wind near the water proved to cold for my frail self and the sunshine made my head pound😜

So, to a store for medication.
Mike got me some cold meds you drink with water and after downing the very odd tasting/slightly fizzy water, I began improving πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’Š Continue reading “We Write To Taste Life Twice”

Knysna – Heart Of The Garden Route

Thursday March 23rd –

(Knysna – pronounced with a silent K)

Morning began with breakfast at our hotel.
A large spread was waiting for us in the breakfast room and our hostess brought over our coffee.

The weather wasn’t as hot as our previous days and it wasn’t a bad thing πŸ˜‹

We checked out by 11:00 am and began driving to our next spot, still in Knysna, just a little further out of town.

I wasn’t feeling so good, my allergy/cold becoming suddenly worse, rather than better, so we went to see if we could check in to our next hotel early.
We drove up to the large, deserted looking building and Mike knocked on the door.
No one came out and since official check in wasn’t until 2:00 pm. we decided to return then.

‘The Heads’ weren’t too far away, the area where the sea water comes from into Knysna’s lagoons.
We walked around, collecting some new types of shells while being sprinkled with a light misting of rain.

Something everywhere needed badly at the moment. Continue reading “Knysna – Heart Of The Garden Route”

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