A Week In The Life…

  Jan 3rd -     That morning the hubster and I worked in a phone date... a tricky thing to do with a seven hour time difference and his jam-packed schedule of mingling 😉 The bro in law and nieces came over later that morning... the bro had a new hose to put on [...]

The Model Married Couple *heavy sarcasm ðŸ˜

Monday Sept 25th - After making us some lunch, Mike and I both headed over to the house. He had spent his morning there but it was time I joined in 😏 The bathroom is shaping into the most complete area of the house 😁     DIY vanity and countertop installed and sealed? Check. [...]

An Un-desired State Of Semi Planned Chaos

Monday March 13th - Packing. Mess. Disorder. Sorting. An un-desired state of semi planned chaos 😬 Our day was spent sorting through anything and everything. We knew we owned more stuff then we thought, but we also may not have realized we had so many clothes 🙈 By we, I mainly mean me. In my [...]