Mid-Century Modern Living Room Tour

So, the first room reveal,Β post home reno completion, is of our living room πŸ˜„

It turned out better than I’d hoped and I love that the mid-century modern feel I desired, was actually captured pretty well 🀩

(The kitchen doesn’t yet have a table, so we dine in the living room, as well as relax and do living roomy things ;p)

I love the fresh whites and bright airy feel it has, even though the space isn’t that obnoxiously large.

The grey trim was a Pinterest inspiration and we love the outcome of it AND the outcome of the herringbone floor Michiel patiently installed!!

It was so fun being in total control of the whole decorating and designing process for the first time and something I look forward to continuing throughout the rest of the house!

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Again And Again

Monday Dec 4th –

After I made us someΒ French Omeletes for breakfast, Mike and I went to our place to work on getting it completed.

Cleaning, cleaning again, moving stuff, painting small things, moving the same things again etc., filled the day.
Mike worked on patching the trim for the most part and a list of what was required to still buy pre move-in was started.

And that is how our day was spent πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Mom had hamburger steaks prepared for our supper and then the parents and Mike were off to pickle ball 😏

Tuesday Dec 5th –

French omeletes made again, mostly because Mom had tried a bite the morning before and requested her own for that morning πŸ˜‰
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Jem Moment: Pinterest Dream Becomes Reality

Michiel gave me the disheartening news that the grey couch I liked at Jysk, was no longer.
So I had glanced online to see if anyone happened to be selling anything that would work for us.

First, I spotted a ‘kidney’ couch, in good shape and for only $50, which we considered unique and well priced enough to look into the cost of re-upholstering.



$1200, plus material, was the estimate we received back and that was more than I was willing to put towards a couch that was not only used, but not my dream couch 😏

So, I kept scanning, looking at the listing for the larger city until finally deciding I might as well peak in the town 20 minutes away from us, though it usually didn’t hold as much.

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