The Best. Dad. Ever.

Dads Day👨🏻💕 Well, since I wrote about my Mother I couldn't very well leave out my Father now could I? 😉   Happy Father's Day daddy 😘💕 Now, though the mother usually does lots of the literal raising, the father still shows a strong example and adult figure that shapes who we turn out to [...]

The Love Of A Mother

The Love Of A Mother With everyone saying something today about Mothers, it would be hard to think of something that truly stood out or made an impact, especially since I'm not a mother. But I'll spew a few things in hopes that it's semi interesting/entertaining/heartfelt 😉 Moms are crazy. Let's get that out there [...]

Giveaway Winner Announced

Annnnd the winner is Joanna! A big thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to like/comment, It was fun for me to hear from you all and I may have to start doing more giveaways simply so I can relish in all the lovely comments you people are capable of 😘 Until [...]

Jem Moment : Giveaway number 2!

Beach Towel Giveaway! You got a peek at the main item of this giveaway on yesterday's blog post, but today this ( new and un-used ) beach towel is yours to claim! The bright colors, overall charm and lightweight make it a super easy accessory to pack along. Whether to the beach on a summer's [...]

Mountain Drives And Italian Vibes

Thursday Sept 9th -   The business man left for customer meetings and the wife living leisurely lay in bed a few hours more 😋 Then made use of the desk with a view💻 Mike had people to see and places to be and luckily I got to stay in the room until 1:00pm leaving [...]

Third Times A Charm…

Friday Sept 9th - Mornings of getting ready and repacking are beginning to blend 😬 A customer was visited about 20 minutes away and I snoozed during that visit, finishing my morning in the car. We stopped just outside of Milano in a small town to have lunch at a place Mike had found online [...]