Meneer En Mevrouw

09/18/21 ‘...Going to the chapel, and we’re, gonna get married, going to the chapel …’ … or in this case, not ‘we’, but ‘they’, and in a converted barn and outdoor ceremony space, not a chapel. You get the idea though 😉 Packing and wedding preparing took up the morning, and then we were off on [...]

What Instagram Doesn’t Tell You About Marriage

*Forewarning - a lengthy post about marriage...written by someone who has not been married very long.           I heard on a podcast  ~Jeff And Alyssa  ~  how, we as individuals, are so very deeply shaped by our families that understandably, it creates what OUR normal is. Which of course, the people [...]

Some Info About ‘Us’ (Because It’s Love Day)

    • Mason Neufeld Photography • Michiel - My forever pal since 10•9•15 💍💕 Dutch 🇳🇱 He loves food, soccer, travel and even our cat Fiji ✈️🐱⚽️🍽 He can't stand sitting still and always has to have something on the go, which almost always includes selling something 😏 He is the thoughtful one in this relationship [...]

Flower Of The East 🌺

Thursday Oct 6th -   Good thing we had saved that frozen pizza because it was required for breakfast 😏   As we ate our poolside pizza, a car pulled up and out came a person of oriental decent, holding a map and having a floppy sun hat upon her head. She walked past us [...]