The Love Of A Mother

The Love Of A Mother

With everyone saying something today about Mothers, it would be hard to think of something that truly stood out or made an impact, especially since I’m not a mother.

But I’ll spew a few things in hopes that it’s semi interesting/entertaining/heartfelt πŸ˜‰

Moms are crazy.

Let’s get that out there 😜

Seriously though, you’d have to be crazy to grow a human, have it, raise it and take care of until YOU pass away.
And that’s just a light version of the tasks and things you’s do.
I don’t mean crazy in the sense that it’s some, mentally, awful thing, but in the sense that it’s such a massively huge amount of time and effort, energy, pain, joy etc. and so many other emotions and things you as a mother go through and give or give up, you’d have to be a little bit bonkers of some kind after experiencing it allπŸ˜‰

It’s crazy, in my, non mother eyes 😜 Continue reading “The Love Of A Mother”

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