One Fish, Two Fish…

Saturday Jan 14th –





Breakfast for the boys was fried plantain with cinnamon and brown sugar atop of yogurt and granola.
Not super exciting but hey, I wasn’t expecting anyone to feed besides Mike and I 😏

I had a more than awful nights sleep so when Mike left to take Jesse back to their parents I stayed at the apartment to lay on the couch and half ways nap 😬

Mike was taking a fair bit of time to return but little did I know that the reason was going to be what it was.

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My First Pomelo And A Vase Of Yellow (ish)

Sunday Oct 30th –




Last Sunday we woke up too late, this Sunday it was too early 🙄

Our neighbour below enjoys his music played loudly and at 6:30 am it was frustrating Mike so he got up and ready to go knock on their door but then decided not to.
Him getting up, woke me up… a whole hour to early 😳😠

The new coffee beans got tested and they were a whole lot better than the others, but not as good as the ones before 😕
I think this ‘finding new beans’ will be a long process ☕️

We left and I got to hold cupcakes for the hour long drive 😋

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