Officially Official

Thursday 20th –

Got a blog up quickly and then we went out in search of groceries.

Makro was once again visited (the Costco like store that we went to so we could stock our fridge, freezer and pantry at the start of our marriage).
This time we went for only a few larger items and lunch, though lunch wasn’t that great of a meal 😬

We had multiple others stops and by the time we got to the apartment the trolley was needed to easily haul up our new supply of goods😋

Mike began work in the guest room.
The bed currently sat at a height that was covering up most of the window so I wanted the bed to be lowered to just below the window, allowing more light, a cozier space with a ledge and still space underneath the bed for some storage 😊


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Frivolous Pillows And Waxed Floors

Tuesday Oct 18th –



More errands and tasks had to be done to have everything in order at the apartment.

The car was again packed up, unloaded at the apartment and then we were back on the road, needing to go in and out of multiple stores with multiple things to accomplish.

Going around in circles to the same places for almost a week was getting old 😏

Do all girls love pillows? It seems like a girl thing to want a poofy piece of fabric that just sits there and usually gets moved away before you sit/lay.
Or maybe it’s just me, but I love pillows 💕😁

I usually gather a few up during our store perusing and then put them back one by one, unable to justify the spending of money on such frivolousness.

Our main item that needed finding was a coffee table.
Not to big, not to small, not to high and not to short, open but not glass and it had to match everything else annnnd be in our budget 😏😜


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Crunch Time

Sunday Oct 16th –

The day of rest 😁⛪️

We were planning on going to a church closer to Amsterdam and then go check out a couch in the area afterwords but I didn’t really love the couch and Mike wanted to sleep in soo…

Church was instead attended in Holland and on the drive there Mike got me to scroll through the second-hand couch adds.
I came across one we had seen and liked a few days earlier but the sellers had never answered our calls/texts.
Mike tried again, they answered and a meeting time was set 👌🏻

We had to leave just before service ended to make it to their house in time to check it out.
They seemed, wealthy 😬
Their back yard having big, stone tiles going through the trimmed, maze like hedges, leading to their two separate seating areas amongst the garden.
Beside was their separate, fully windowed, gym. Continue reading “Crunch Time”

This Home Reno (not) Sponsored By IKEA

Wednesday Oct 12th –



The much sought after and long awaited day finally came, the day we would no longer be homeless vagabonds but have a place to call our own👫 🏠

It was a process that started at 10:30 that morning.
We first went to the apartment to meet the current owners and look over the place one last time.

From there it was a quick drive to the office where terms, agreements, rules etc. would be read, papers signed and keys official handed over 🗝🗃

But of course things can’t go as smoothly as all that 😏

I already mentioned in the Jem Moment about us getting the apartment that the real estate guy had told us we would need an official translator for me the day papers were signed.
He then later said that no one actually wasn’t required.
We hardly sat down at the office with the realtor and owners before we were told an official, court ordered translator was indeed needed and we couldn’t go on without one 😳

Thaaaankfully there was a way around part of it, allowing us to still get the keys as expected but not having it be officially, 100% OURS until a translator could be present.

Hand shakes, keys handed over and it was (almost) ours!

We drove back to the apartment to look at the color samples I had picked the day before, Mike measured the bedroom with himself to see what size bed would be best 😋

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