Coerced Into Cooperation

Monday Feb 27th –

Moms arrival morning!

Soo, we weren’t the most awesome children in the sense of picking her up, but we blame the traffic jams in Europe.

She was scheduled to arrive at 8:00 that morning and with that scenario our options were to leave the apartment by 5:00 am to get her on time oooor leave once traffic was calmer and get her like, 3 hours later.
Option three?
Get her to take the train 😎😏
My poor mom… I’ve lived here for around a year and a half and wouldn’t dare take the train alone but her second trip here and we make her do it, by herself 🙈
In our defence, the train station is literally IN the airport and it was a direct ride to Arnhem where we would pick her up.

She did very well and after one phone call to us for assistance, she managed to get to the right platform, onto the correct train and we picked her up around 10:00 am.


We went back to the apartment straight away, not pulling our usual, ‘make the guest stay awake until at least 8:00 pm’ 😏😜 Continue reading “Coerced Into Cooperation”

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