‘Go Big Or Go Home’ Kitchen And Surroundings

Disclaimer: The following observations are things I noticed during my time living in Holland.
They are in no way about certain people and the opinions stated are just that, my opinion.
I don’t mean to portray anything as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’, simply ‘different’ than what I was use to.



As time goes by, I plan on sharing some of the things I learnt/noticed/experienced during my time living and traveling in Europe.

This will (hopefully) be the first of many such posts and I apologise in advance if I repeat some things, when moving around the different subjects.

‘Go Big Or Go Home’ Kitchen And Surroundings…

To start with, if someone had told me ‘go big or go home’… I’d have had to go home because ‘BIG’ isn’t a size in Holland, unless you’re referring to the height of its citizens 😋

Whether it’s a big coffee or big truck, chances are you’ll have to search to find either, and all things between, because they are all about saving space.

As a small-ish human myself, the size of things (or lack of) didn’t affect me too much, except for when I wanting a cup of coffee and was given a couple of tablespoons 😉

But if I was a larger person, as many of the Dutch are, height wise, I can’t help but think the little cars, cups, bathrooms, stairs etc. would have gotten on my nerves pretty fast 😋

As a lady, I gravitated to noticing the differences in the kitchen. Continue reading “‘Go Big Or Go Home’ Kitchen And Surroundings”

Jet-lagged-Coffee Crazed-Cat Lady

Tuesday Jan 10th –



It had been a sleep of a restless jet-lagged traveler and when I did finally peel myself out of bed it was to go straight to the coffee pot.

(The coffee pot we had forgotten a filter in during our trip back to Sask, creating the extremely creepy effect of mold 😬 But we had noticed that on Monday and had ample time to clean and run vinegar through it so it wasn’t that mornings greeting thankfully)

Sheets needed washing, dishes doing, perishable items put away and unpacking could have happened, but I let it slide since I was more in the ‘sit on the couch and do nothing’ mood thanks to lack of sleep and goodbyes 😏

Mike had to jump right back into the daily grind and work from the office 😬💻💶

Frozen pizza was supper, upgraded with bacon, pineapple and more cheese and a smoothie made with the leftover pineapple.



Mike said we should be more healthy… he also said he was giving up pop 😏
We will see how long that lasts 😜

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